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Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Dear Mythology Kids,

If you missed class today, you will be LOST.....STOP MISSING CLASS, my young kids! What did we do today in class?

1. Everyone submitted their first set of annotations/notations entitled "Why are myths important?" We discussed some of the points that you identified concerning each color.

2. We then continued and completed the flow chart regarding the creation myth. This chart will be the primary focus for your quiz on Tuesday. REFER BACK TO THE PREVIOUS POST for the LIST OF VOCABULARY WORDS and thePRACTICE QUIZ, which will assist you in preparing for the quiz.

1. Prepare for your quiz covering the map, "tell me a story," and the flow chart illustrating the Creation myth.
2. Please read/annotate/notate/ 5-7 per page/ using all the colors for the myths entitled "Rule of Uranus" and "Rule of Cronus" for Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Dear Mythology Kids,

We completed the following today in class:
1. Viewed a clip from 300 regarding Sparta, then we continued our discussion regarding the island of Crete and the Minoan culture.
2. Creation Myth (the back side of your yellow handout)

1. polytheistic 2. pagan3. city-state4. Minoans5. Myceneans6. Homer7. Aesthetic myth8. Mythology9. Gaea10. Uranus11. Nyx12. Erebus13. Eros14. Pontus15. Aphrodite16. Furies17. Cyclopes18.100 handed ones19. Titans20. Atlas/Prometheus/Epimetheus21. Typhon 22. Iaeptus23. Cronus24. Rhea25. Hestia26. Hera27. Demeter28. Poseidon29. Hades30. ZeusThe Key to Success....PREPARATION! "The Creation Myth"

14. 15.

I When I see you on Monday, we will review, and then take your quiz. Remember to use the practice quiz as a pre-test. You should put all of your information away while you take the quiz. THIS IS CLEARLY AN INTEGRITY ISSUE ON YOUR PART, my fine young friends. In addition, you should print a …

Friday, August 24th, 2012

If you missed class on Friday, August 24th Dear Mythology Kids,

Several of you missed class today. Remember if you are going to miss, then you need to COMMUNICATE with me. I don't have time to repeat each class. I value and venerate those that stopped by before, during, and after school to find out what they missed. If you failed to do this, then CHECK WITH A FRIEND in one of the Mythology classes. Remember to COMMUNICATE with me for the future!

Dear Mythology Kids, If you missed class today, please make sure you visit with someone else taking Mythology...... Each student received the following: 1. A copy of their textbook, Mythology, by Edith Hamilton 2. A copy of their Homework Coupon ( if you missed class please visit with me about this) 3. Four handouts that were then placed within the notebook a. a blue handout that is a map of Greece b. a yellow handout entitled "Tell me a Story" c.a green handout that is a chart of the Greek gods d. and a pink handout that wil…

Welcome Back! Wednesday, August 22nd!

Welcome to the "Jungle" Dear Mythology Students, I welcome you to the land of gods and goddesses, where logic does not exist, only the idea that some where in the slime of cosmic confusion order becomes real. Was that poetic? TRANSLATION: Prepare yourself to learn ancient ideas and concepts that are bizarre; yet still relevant and valid in modern times. I welcome you to Mythology.

HOMEWORK for Friday, August 24th:
1. Disclosure Document
2. Supplies with USB drive, 3x5 cards, and markers (remember that the bandage for your mask is not required until I give you further instructions)

HOMEWORK for Tuesday, August 28th
3. "What is a Classic? "

I look forward to working with you this year.