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Tuesday, December 11th

THIS IS THE HANDOUT used in our class discussion regarding Homer's Iliad. Please cut and paste it as a Word document and then place it in your binder. We started working on this in class, but we did not complete it; we will do so onTuesday.

What is an epic?

The Iliad is about:



The Odyssey is about:

Did the Trojan War actually take place and what was the cause?

Who discovered the ancient city of Troy?

“Road Map:”

“Schliemann's scar:”

Using a well read copy of The Iliad as his reference guide, he chose a spot on the Asian coast of Turkey called the Mound of Hissarlik, and began digging for the famous city of Troy. In the course of four years, he uncovered nine successive cities built on top of each other. The sixth city he declared the “City of Troy,” or as Schliemann called it the “Burnt City.” Later archaeologists through carbon dating and additional archaeological discoveries, proved that Schliemann's choice was accur…

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Dear Mythology Kids,

STOP MISSING CLASS, guys especially on the days when you have SIGNIFICANT ASSIGNMENTS DUE! Those of you that missed class will need to submit your HOMEWORK COUPON with your NATURE MYTH in order to receive credit forit.

"A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT, cute kids! Please visit with a friend  prior to checking with me!"

1. You missed two new vocabulary words:
GORGONIZE and SISYPHEAN (look the definitions up on your own) 2. You missed submitting your nature myth revision (accompanied with your edited copy) and your mosaic.

3. You missed the definition of ALLUSION and REFERENCE

4. You missed the discussion regarding TWO PIECES of poetry pertaining to ICARUS!

I used Icarus as my focus for emphasizing how frequently references and allusions to mythology arise in literary work. This, of course, is due to the fact that universal themes are always prevalent within the myths; therefore, audiences of all types can connect with the t…