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Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Dear Mythology Kids,
If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. Each student received his/her Comparison Essay, and then we discussed the peer review. Your essays were TERRIBLE1 I love you, cute kids, but you must focus on reading and following instructions. The re-write for your essay is DUE ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7th!

2. We discussed the archetypal Greek hero and the qualities possessed by the hero.

Heroes in ancient Greek were given this title because they experienced what is known as PATHOS, or in other words, they suffered more than other individuals. Through their suffering they became stronger.

•1. They are flawed.

•2. They experience PATHOS, or they suffer more than the average person

•3. They are "Born" : There are two types of "births"

•a. They are conceived in an unusual manner

•b. The hero is "born" when they realize that they possess

•4. They are always assisted by a "goddess" (female character)

•5. They marry/associated with…

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Welcome to your Mosaic assignment.... Dear Mythology Kids,

If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. I introduced the mosaic assignment to each class today.

What is a mosaic? A piece of artwork that is comprised of many different pieces. Please see the examples of mosaics below.

Why were they so important to the ancient Greeks? They took the subjects from their mythology and literally cemented them into mosaic artwork.

Nemean Lion 
Demeter Medusa
I look forward to seeing the subjects you have chosen for your mosaics. For those of you that missed class on today (October 28th, 2013) we completed the following:

1. Introduction of your "Mosaic Assignment"

•Your mosaic must be at least 11 x 17 in size

•The subject may be any aspect associated with our study of Classical Mythology (gods, lesser gods, heroes, monsters, and specific myths and their characters)

•You need to be passionate about your selection.

•If you elect to draw the subject, extra-credit will be given


Tuesday, October 22,2013

Dear Mythology Kids,


If I were to ask you to envision Hades, especially now that we have discussed its varying aspects, how would you describe it? This picture is an artist's concept of the entrance to Hades. He clearly DOES NOT know Hades as well as he should. Remember that only a part of Hades was Saturnine, and that of course was Tartarus.

If you missed class on Tuesday, October 22nd, we discussed the Greek underworld of Hades. Each student received handout, which we completed together. I HAVE INCLUDED A COPY OF THE HANDOUT FOR YOU AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST! Several images were shared with you in relationship to the areas we discussed. I have attempted to include some of the images for you below.

2. Please read "Orpheus and Eurydice" pg. 107 in your text. This myth illustrate how just Hades actually was. This myth will appear on your test.

The following pictures should give you…

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Dear Mythology Kids,

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend! If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. We discussed your final exam scheduled for Thursday, October 24th, during your scheduled class period!
Each student received a copy of the review (included for you below). Completing the review is not compulsory, but I recommend using as a pre-test, so you can identify your areas of weakness. Please read the instructions for the review.

2. We then read an excerpt of the "Antigone" drama...thanks to those who shared their "acting" talents.
3. Students were then given their take-home quiz covering "Antigone" and "Greek Theater." I have not posted it on the blog, as I need your Greek Drama handout in exchange for the quiz. So, if you missed class today, then PLEASE come see me, so we sort this out for you.

1. "Antigone"/ "Greek Theater" take-home quiz is due on TUESDAY!
2. Don't miss TUESDAY, as we will be…

Wednesday, October 15th, 2013

Dear Mythology Kids,

STOP MISSING CLASS, CUTE KIDS! THE TERM ends in less than TWO WEEKS. YOUR HOMEWORK COUPON is due on TUESDAY, the 22nd! Welcome back from Fall Break! I hope you were able to use your time in a productive manner.
If you missed class today, we completed the following:

1. We completed our discussion regarding Greek theater. Please obtain this information from another student. HAVE THEM EXPLAIN THE INFORMATION TO YOU!
2. Students were introduced to the companion piece to "Oedipus," also written by Sophocles, entitled "Antigone."
3. We completed a flow chart regarding the characters and their connection to each other within the play.

 Hang in there, cute kids! Your first quarter is almost over. Please let me know what I can do to assist you.

ANTIGONE, the courageous daughter of OEDIPUS, was introduced to you today!

1. I introduced the myth of "ANTIGONE" (pg. 273). MAKE SURE YOU READ THE MYTH! "Antigone" is the companion piece to &qu…

Monday, Octover 7th, 2013

Dear Mythology Kids,

Welcome to the world of GREEK THEATER! If you missed class, we completed the following:

If you missed class today, please make sure you read the myth of "Oedipus" located on pages. 268-273 in your textbook. You will have a QUIZ over the myth and Greek drama on Wed, October 9th! PLEASE READ THE MYTH! What we do in class on Wednesday is important concerning your schema regarding "Oedipus." This is a valuable piece of literature, as it was originally written as a narrative, and then transformed to a play by Sophocles. It also contains the literary element of IRONY, which adds to the plot line.

This image depicts a theater troupe performing "Oedipus Rex. " Oedipus is in the middle, and the Greek chorus is surrounding him.

We reviewed the three different types of IRONY today in class.
1. Dramatic Irony: This occurs when the audience is aware of specific information that characters are not.
2. Irony of Situation or Situational…

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Dear Mythology Kids,

STOP MISSING CLASS, cute kids! You had TWO assignments due today, both of which you have known about for more than one class period; consequently, you can not submit them late, unless you elect to use your homework coupon. The problem with both assignments, "The Comparison Essay" and the "In-class Essay," is that without them you won't be able to complete the peer revision. You can not revise a paper if you did not submit one. STOP IT! FIGURE OUT YOUR LIVES! BECAUSE SUBMITTING AN ESSAY IS SO EASY compared to what will happen when you leave high school. At the rate you are going, some of you won't actually leave because you WON'T GRADUATE!

This is what took place today:
1. Everyone submitted their "Comparison Essay."
2. You received a new vocabulary word: MERCURIAL: LOOK IT UP on your own!
3. We then went to the lab to work on the in-class essay. Students submitted their essay at the end of class.

1. None...unless, …