Monday, December 19, 2016

Friday, December 16th, 2016

Dear Mythology Kids,

Today was a tricky day to miss. Why?

1. Students submitted their "Mythology in Modern Culture" assignment. If you did not submit it on Friday, then you are welcome to submit it late, but only with your HW Coupon.

2. Students were also introduced to their "Creative Project." Please note that this assignment is due on WEDNESDAY, January 4th, for each student! Students will share their projects on January 4th and January 6th. PLEASE SEE THE EXPLANATION INCLUDED FOR YOU BELOW. I have several examples from previous students; please stop by the room and look at them. They are too large to post here.  Seeing the examples will guide you!

Mythology Creative Project
Due _______________________________
Presentation Days: ___________________ and_________________

Objective: There are four purposes in designing and presenting your project:
1. To demonstrate understanding about the course content.
2. To use personal talents and creativity to express that understanding in a unique way.
3. To connect mythology to yourself
4. To teach us something

1.Decide what you would like to communicate to the class about your learning.
2. Connect your project directly to one or a combination of the myths/epics we have studied this year.
3. Connect the choice for #2 to yourself; the connection can be small, but it must be clear.

·         Drawing, painting or other graphic representation (sculpture, book, mosaic) of a character, “truth,” motif, character, scene, etc. from class content.
·         Adaptation of course content into another form (trans mediation – play to a short story, story into a play, comic book, graphic novel, myth into narrative, myth into poem, short film of a myth, etc.)
·         Creative Writing: Poetry, lyrics and music, an act or scene of a play, a character’s monologue (700 words or less), you will present to the class.
·         Performance (please limit to no more than 5 minutes)
Dramatic Interpretation of a scene from a myth or epic
Dramatic Recitation (poetry, storytelling, or performance of an original song)
·         Newscast or Interview (mock interview with an author…Homer!) Or you could select a character from one of the myths or epics.
·         Creative Wildcard!
Combination of any of the above options.
You develop/create your own original idea.
*YOU MUST CREATE A PROJECT THAT SHOWS YOUR BEST EFFORT TO EARN 250 POINTS; last-minute or haphazard work will receive minimal credit, if any, at all.
*You are welcome to work in groups provided that the effort and product reflect full participation.
If you develop a project that requires technology, please check with me to insure compatible formats. Failure in technology will result in no credit for the project.  PLEASE BE PREPARED! THIS NEEDS TO BE YOUR BEST WORK! 

1. Begin working on your Creative Assignment! 
2. Please have your "proposal idea" for the Creative Assignment ready for Tuesday. I have included an example below from a former student. Please remember to use MLA FORMAT.
3. Please read pages 215-220 in your text.

Ashton Young

Mrs. Kori Crampton

Mythology, B3

16 December 2002
The Iliad in “Black and White”
                I have always loved Homer’s epic tale, The Iliad. When I was a young boy, my father would read stories to me about Greek Mythology, and I was fascinated by the heroes, and the choices that they made.  Hector is one of my favorites. I think his desire to “protect” Troy, while at the same time not wanting to leave his family, is such a universal motif.  At the time, I did not realize the many “truths” found within the poem, so as we started reading and discussing The Iliad in class, I found the many themes to be quite interesting.  In fact, I was able to make connections to events found within newspapers; I knew that I could connect The Iliad to the world. 
 Journalism will be by area of study when I graduate from Timpanogos High School. Due to this passion, and my interest in the universal themes in The Iliad, I have decided to combine the two for my Creative Project. I plan to locate news articles that pertain to events or themes found within the epic poem, explain the connection, and then write, using my own “voice” the section of The Iliad, that the news article relates to.