Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 and PRACTICE QUIZ

Dear Mythology Kids,
If you missed class, we completed the following:
1. We finished discussing the gods and obtaining information on them. Please see the information included for you below. Please copy this information on to your green handout.

Music competition with a character named Marsayas….flays him
Truth in lies …….lies in truth

Delphi is city-state …TRUTH…Oracle/Pythian
Python…Hera’s snake…Pythian games…..

Ares….first murderer….first to be acquitted ……cowardly……MARCH…..Romans respected Mars, much more than the Greeks respected Ares (harvest/growth)……Aphrodite….Pain, Panic and Contention ….
Cupid/Eros son of A and A…Sadistic

Aphrodite…..blooms of plants, manipulates with love, She uses Eros/Cupid to assist with manipulation …… H and A and A…magical Girdle …… causes the Trojan War…golden apple

Hermes….. steals Apollo’s cows when he is five minutes old…grass booties….tricks

2. Students received a new assignment (indicated below). The assignment is located in the homework section of your notebook; it is entitled "Modern Day God." I have included it for you below, but I have not included the example essay. It is located on the back of the explanation sheet.
3. We also discussed the primary themes found within "Daphne and Apollo" and "Promtheus and Io." PLEASE DO NOT MISS CLASS ON FRIDAY, as you are going to receive an in-class writing assignment based upon the explanatory myths and their themes.

Instructions for "Modern Day God" Assignment:

1.Through our class discussions, each student should have a greater understanding concerning the Olympians. Please select ONE Olympian and connect him/her to an individual from past or present society. The god you select does not need to be the same one you research regarding your “Handout” assignment.
2.All of the god's attributes do not need to be obvious in relationship to the individual chosen for connection; however, you must be able to relate at least one (obviously) attribute that both possess. Please go beyond the obvious, by focusing on intrinsic characters rather than appearance.
3.In order to obtain enough information regarding your chosen connection, you will need to complete some research. Please note the citation examples below concerning a book or Internet source.

BOOK: Carter, Joseph. The Life of Mark Twain. Scott Foreman, Pub., New York, NY.


INTERNET: William, Jacob. “Mark Twain.” The Mark Twain No One Knew. August

                               17th, 2001. September 11, 2008.


4.Please begin your response by indicating the connection between the god and your chosen individual (Introduction). Your next paragraph needs to indicate aspects concerning the god (Body Paragraph #1). The third paragraph will focus on the individual chosen for comparison (Body Paragraph #2). Finally, your fourth paragraph will justify why you elected to compare the two characters (Conclusion)

5.Please use ACADEMIC VOICE for your response.
6.MLA Format regarding structure and citations also needs to be used. Double space your response, using Times New Roman print, and 12 point font.
7. Please incorporate an image of your “modern day” comparison in your paper.

1. Your "Modern Day God" is due on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3rd! Please let me know if you need any assistance.
2. Your "quest" covering the gods and the nature myths will take place on  TUESDAY, October 1st.

 Instructions for PRACTICE QUIZ: Please select the god that BEST fits each description. You will need to identify the character with both Greek and Roman names. For some questions you will need to justify your response. Some gods may be used more than once.

1. Venerate, Vigil, Valuable, Vigilante, Volume, Viscous...I love words that begin with the letter V. ______________/______________
2. I would make an excellent "shop" teacher. ______________/___________
3. I have a PhD in Statistics. __________/______________
4. I am "President Obama" of the Olympians. _____________/____________
5. I directed a documentary film on grand larceny (look this up). ___________/____________
6. I would do well working in a floral shop, as I have a "magic touch" when it comes to flowers.

7. March is my favorite month. ____________/___________
8. I always "hit my mark." __________/_____________
9. I am responsible for desecrating a temple. ____________/_____________
10. Justify your response for #9 ____________________________________________

11. A trick was played to woo me, so "love can not live where there is no trust." ______/_____
12. Justify your response for #11. ____________________________________________

13. I failed to ask my wife's mother for her hand in "marriage." _________/_________
14. "Make me the most beautiful land animal." __________/____________

15. I gave my father a terrible headache the day I was born. ____________/___________
16. I was in the delivery room when my brother was born. ______________/______________
17. I am cuckoo for cuckoo birds_____________/_______________
18. "Beauty" is in the eye of the beholder. _______________/_______________
Justify your response for #18 ______________________________________________________
19. Payment is needed to enter here. __________/__________
20. "Know Thyself" _______________/___________________


Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...