Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monday, February 27th, and Wednesday, March 1st

2. You were introduced to Hades!


If I were to ask you to envision Hades, especially now that we have discussed its varying aspects, how would you describe it? This picture is an artist's concept of the entrance to Hades. He clearly DOES NOT know Hades as well as he should. Remember that only a part of Hades was Saturnine, and that of course was Tartarus.

If you missed class today, we discussed the Greek underworld of Hades. Each student received ahandout, which we completed together. I HAVE INCLUDED A COPY OF THE HANDOUT FOR YOU AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST! Several images were shared with you in relationship to the areas we discussed. I have attempted to include some of the images for you below.

1.  Your comparison essay is due on Wednesday!
2. Please read "Orpheus and Eurydice" pg. 107 in your text. This myth illustrate how just Hades actually was.

The following pictures should give you greater insights into some of the aspects we discussed on Tuesday. Please make sure you obtain the information from someone else in class BEFORE you return.

This is the character known as Sisyphus. He was destroyed by Zeus due to his inappropriate sexual behavior. His pushes a boulder up a large mountain in Hades, with the one purpose of pushing it over the top. He is never successful in doing so, as the boulder always comes crashing down on him. This punishment is highly symbolic of the crime, as the rock represents Sisyphus' s sexual desires. He hopes to overcome them, but he he is unsuccessful in doing so.

These women are known as the Danaids. There are fifty of them, and on their wedding night, all but one, murdered her husband by stabbing him in his heart. Their punishment in Hades is to obtain water from the River Styx with the hope of filling Hades' garden pond; however, their jars have holes in the bottom. They were never able to complete the mundane task of filling the pond. This is symbolic of the fact that they took the trivial and mundane away from their husbands; consequently, they are forever cursed with it.

This is Ixion. He attempted to rape Hera. Zeus had him strapped to a wheel of burning fire. This is symbolic of the fact that a rapist will continue to rape unless caught...hence the wheel. The fire on either side is symbolic of the pain the victim feels. Ixion was constantly burned, but never burned away. OUCH!

Tantalus is another sinner in Hades. He murdered his nephew, and then fed his flesh to the gods in the form of a stew. The Olympians were so appalled by Tantalus' behavior that they cemented him within Styx, being cursed with perpetual hunger and thirst. Each time he attempted to drink from Styx the water would move away from him. There are fruit trees hanging above his head, and yet each time he attempted to grab some of the fruit it, too, would move away from him. He is perpetually hungry and thirty. Can you recognize that each punishment is symbolic of its crime!

Students received new vocabulary words associated with characters from Hades. Please make sure you obtain this information from a friend.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Dear Mythology Kids,
Welcome back from your long weekend: I hope you were able to relax!

If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. We "mapped" out the "Modern Day God" Comparison Essay that is due on WEDNESDAY, March 1st. You have the explanation in your notebook under "homework." The handout is pink. In addition to the explanation, there is also a strong example on the back where a study has compared Athena to Machiavelli. Follow this example! THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1st!

2. We then went to the lab to work on the assignment. Today is the only in-class time that students will received on this assignment!

1. You have a "quest" on Wednesday covering all the myths that we have read/discussed up to this point (Prometheus, Pandora, Arachne, Narcissus, Daphne, and Demeter) and more specific details regarding the Greek Pantheon. Please see the practice quiz below, so you have an idea of what to anticipate.

2. "Modern Day God" comparison paper is due on Wednesday, March 1st. 

Practice Quiz:  
For the following poems, please identify the allusions and then explain what the writer is attempting to convey through using them. 

1. “Come my daughter, loud thundering, bids you.
Come once again to the halls where you shall have honor.
Where you will have your daughter to comfort away your sorrow.
As each year is accomplished as bitter winter is ended.
For a third part only his kingdom shall hold her.
For the rest, you will keep her, you and the happy immortals.
Peace now, give men life which comes alone from your giving.
She shall return.”
Hamilton, Edith. Mythology: Timless Tales of Gods and Hereos. Penguine. Puclisher.

2. ‘”Love, could I see you lean to kiss
Your laughting double in the glassy stream.”
Terrance, Georgiana. Cmplete Works of Oscar Wild. “La Belle Gabrielle.” Seneca Publishing. Co.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Dear Mythology Kids,

If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. Students were introduced to REFERENCES vs. ALLUSIONS! WHY? You will have a test covering the Greek Pantheon and the explanatory myths we have read up to this point on THURSDAY! In order to understand the structure of the test, "references" and "allusions" need to be defined, identified, and practiced.

Students were given the following handout. Please print this out and place it in the "handout" section of your notebook. We went through these examples together identifying the references and allusions, as this is exactly what will appear on your test.

Reference vs. Allusion

1.“ ….not that fair field
Where Core gathering flowers.
Herself a fairer flower, than gloomy Pluto
Was gathered, which cost  Ceres all that pain
To seek her through the world…
And cause Eden to die.”
Bulfinch, Thomas. Bufinces’s Mythology.
Library of Congress. Publisher

2. “I have brought wrath and ruin on my house.”
My heart hath braved the oracle that guarded
That fatal secret from us, and my hand hath
Lifted the lid of that mysterious chest.”
Longfellow, Heny W. Poetry of Henry Longfellow. 
 Harper House, Publisher

3. “Juno had heard the oath, and her revenge was set.
He had sworn by Styx, so there was no replacing his gift
She had told him that above else she wanted to see his face
He came to her as she had asked, and before
that awful glory of burning light, she died .”
Hamilton, Edith. Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes.,
Penguin, Publisher.

4. “Come my daughter, loud thundering, bids you.
Come once again to the halls where you shall have honor.
Where you will have your daughter to comfort away your sorrow.
As each year is accomplished as bitter winter is ended.
For a third part only his kingdom shall hold her.
For the rest, you will keep her, you and the happy immortals.
Peace now, give men life which comes alone from your giving.
She shall return.”
Hamilton, Edith. Mythology: Timless Tales of Gods and Hereos. Penguine. Puclisher.

5. ‘”Love, could I see you lean to kiss
Your laughting double in the glassy stream.”
Terrance, Georgiana. Cmplete Works of Oscar Wild. “La Belle Gabrielle.” Seneca Publishing. Co.

3. Students were then given an actual "Practice" question; a 3x5 card was used for the response.

PC #6 ("Practice Test")
Please read the following text. Identify the poem's subject, and then explain the subject matter by supporting your ideas with textual evidence.

"The Jar”
Alfred Lord Tennyson
What of the end Lady? Was it thine the deed
That set the fiery pinions free? Wherefore upon
Jupiter’s demand did Vulcan make thee so divine?
Hug the wretched casket now.
If hope is pent therein alive or dead?
4. We completed obtaining information regarding Hermes. Aphrodite, and Ares!
5. We read "Daphne" pgs. 119-120 in your text, and then identified the truths associated with the myth.
6. We obtained information for Hermes, Aphrodite, and Ares! 
1. You were offered a new assignment....A comparison essay where you select a god of your choice and compare them to a person from history. Part of your assignment pertains to locating secondary sources about the person you are going to use in comparison to your selected god. YOU CAN CHOOSE any god that you would like.
YOU MUST HAVE YOUR SOURCES with you in class on TUESDAY. So, if I was going to compare Athena to Machiavelli, I would obviously need to have information regarding Machiavelli for Tuesday. YOU MUST HAVE A MINIMUM of TWO OTHER SOURCES. Please do not use WIKIPEDIA! You will use your book as the source for your chosen god.
2. YOU MUST ANNOTATE your sources for the point of comparison. So, if I was going to use Machiavelli's ability to teach strategy to the Italian military in comparison to Athena's ability to teach strategies to Athena's army, then I would locate information that proved this within my found sources. THIS IS DUE ON TUESDAY!

3. YOU WILL HAVE A TEST on THURSDAY covering more detailed information concerning the pantheon and the explanatory myths we have read up to this point. See the PC #6 above, as it represents an example of what you should anticipate.
Zeus                                         "Promtheus"
Hera                                         "Pandora"
Poseidon                                   "Arachne"
Hades                                        " Echo and Narcissus"
Athena                                      "Demeter"
Hephaestus                                "Daphne"

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Dear Mythology Students,

STOP MISSING CLASS! If you are not well, then please take care of yourself, but always refer back to the blog, and communicate with someone in class. Please return fully prepared with your assignments, even if you missed class.

1. MERCURIAL was the vocabulary word for the day. Communicate with a peer, or look it up yourself.

2.  You were introduced to two new myths......."Narcissus and Echo" and "Demeter." PLEASE READ BOTH FOR HOMEWORK, and notate for "What is the myth attempting to teach you?" I have included images of the myths below.

We then continued with Apollo, Hades, and Demeter. Please note the information for you below. 

God of Wealth (precious metals found within the earth)
You must pay to enter his domain with a coin (obolus)
Three levels...people are judged based upon HOW THEY LIVED THEIR LIFE
Just/Rhadamanthine....concept of ethics
Cerberus....three headed dog
Steals Persephone and she becomes "Queen of the Underworld"
Persephone spends three months of the year (winter) with Hades and the remaining months she is with her mother ...Persephone eats four pomegranate seeds confining her to the realm of the dead


Goddess of the Harvest
When her daughter Persephone is stolen by Hades, Demeter refuses to let anything grow
Zeus requests that she Persephone be returned to her mother
Demeter rarely lost her temper
Horse is created for her by Poseidon

Artemis and Apollo

Artemis and Apollo

Kill for virginity….she asked her father for eternal virginity, change your mind
ACTEON is a hunter….. changes him to stag and his hounds destroy him
ORION is a hunter ….Apollo kills ORION…..
Apollo is jealous of his sister ….scorpion and it stings Orion….Artemis places Orion and the scorpion in the stars
Apollo falls in love with Daphne…VIRGIN (Artemis), REVENGE!
Apollo is competitive…..”ROCK competition"”
2nd fav. To Zeus…..perfect
Ephesus is her city state.
 Apollo is the god of "Truth." 
His city state is called Delphi
He destroys the Python that tormented his mother and then draped its skin over his throne.
The women that worked for him were called Oracle or Pythian preistesses
He had his own athletic games called the Pythian Games; they were held in honor of the Python that he killed.

1. Read "Demeter" in your book pages 51-55
2. Read "Echo and Narcissus" ....I gave everyone a copy of the myth....but you can read the version in your text.
3. Focus on "WHAT IS THE MYTH TRYING TO TEACH ME?" when annotating.


Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday, Feruary 10th, 2017

Dear Mythology Kids,
DO YOUR BEST TO NOT MISS CLASS! Please make sure that you are prepared for class on TUESDAY! Communicate with a friend first, and then stop by during consultation time if you need additional explanation.

We completed the following:

1. HERMETICALLY......second vocabulary word! Communicate with a friend, or locate the information on your own..

2. You were introduced to THREE NATURE MYTHS: Prometheus, Pandora, and Arachne!

I gave the myths to each student, but you are welcome to read the versions in your book.  READ EACH MYTH TWICE! The second time you read the myth, annotate and notate for "What the myth is trying to teach you." "What are the truths to the myth?" Indicate in your notation what truth is evident from the underlined text. PLEASE DO THIS FOR EACH of the THREE MYTHS.

3. You had PC #4 and #5....I have given them to you below.
PC #4 (#5 is on the reverse)
Your reading assignment  “Dionysus” offered you MANY examples regarding the god’s other name, “TWICE BORN!” Explain his second name to an individual that has little schema, and then support the name with a specific example from your book.  Focus on the symbolic meaning behind the name in relationship to justifying the textual support.  
Hmmm…Explain this to me! Think about our previous class period.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Dear Mythology Kids,
DO YOUR BEST TO NOT MISS CLASS. Mythology is so obtuse that you can't fully grasp the concepts unless you are present. COMMUNICATE with someone else in class before you return.

Please read "Dionysus" found on page 55 in your book. Annotate and Notate using all your colors, but more importantly focus on "what the myth is trying to teach you." Make sure you have your assignment on Friday!

1. We finished our discussion of SEMELE.....communicate with a friend.

FIRST VOCABULARY WORD ......SATURNINE...communicate with someone from class.

2. We continued learning more about the Pantheon. We obtained information for Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, and Hera. I have included the information obtained in class for you below. Please transfer it to your YELLOW NOTE TAKING SHEET.

  • Athena
  • Zeus swallowed Athena's mother, Metis, because an oracle had informed Zeus that if Metis birthed a son that child would overthrow his father. Zeus felt that he could not risk this, so he swallowed Metis. Athena grew within her father, until one day he experience a terrible headache. Hephaestus, the God of Inventions, sliced open Zeus' head and Athena was born wearing full battle armour and holding a shield and spear.
  • Athena values mankind. She taught them how to create tools, use numbers, create nets, weaving and ships.
  • Athena expected mankind to give gratitude to the gods of Olympus. If they were disrespectful, she punished them. She turns a mortal woman names Arachne into a spider because she failed to thank Athena for her gift. In addition, she said that she was a better weaver than Athena.
  • Athena and Poseidon both wanted Attica as their city-state. The people decided they would select their patron god based upon a gift they offered the people. Athena gave the people an Olive Tree, and Poseidon gave the people a spring of salt water. The people selected Athena as their patron deity; consequently, Poseidon detested Athena.
  • God of the Seas
  • Created the horse to woo  his sister, Demeter. In the process created all the "misfit" animals (zebra, giraffe, hippo, donkey, etc.)
  • Gave the horse to Demeter and created the sea horse for himself
  • Earthquakes
  • Loved his domain due to the secrets he could keep in it
  • Had sex with Medusa in Athena's temple; this angered the goddess. To revenge this wrong, Athena turned Medusa into a GORGON. Medusa was punished for Poseidon's wrong, but Poseidon punished significantly for it.
  • Known for his beautiful smile
  • Easily angered 
  • Highly venerated due to the Greeks being sea faring

  • controls all aspects of the weather
  • tricks Hera into marrying him by transforming into a cuckoo bird
  • Hera is his second wife
  • Metis is his first wife (she is the mother to Athena)
  • shape shifts into animals in order to woe women
  • has numerous affairs
  • Just
  • has difficulties in making decisions
  • god of athletes/athletic events were held in his honor/wore "crown" of oak leaves
  • Punishes Prometheus for creating mankind

  • Zeus transforms into a cuckoo bird. Hera loves animals, and finds a "cuckoo bird" outside her window trapped in a storm. She brings the bird to her breast and states, "I will love you forever, cuckoo bird, and I swear by the River Styx that I will honor this vow." At this point, Zeus returned to his true form, raped Hera, and told her that she had to honor her vow by marrying him. If you swore by Styx your oath could not be broken.
  • She loves animals.
  • Hephaestus is her son without a father (in some versions) Hera was angry that Zeus had given birth to Athena without the assistance of a mother, so she gave birth to Hephaestus without a father. He was born ugly and unshapen, so she cast him off Mt. Olympus.
  • Due to Zeus' affairs, Hera takes her anger and frustrations out on Zeus' lovers and children.

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Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Dear Mythology Kids,


I have included the practice test for you below. Please use a separate sheet of paper!


PRACTICE TEST for "The Olympians" NOTE: I did not find an image of Hades that I felt was "accurate." Please be aware of this when taking your quiz. Good Luck..... REMEMBER THAT YOU SHOULD NOT USE YOUR NOTES for this assessment! USE THIS AS A PRE-TEST!

For each image, please identify the Greek and Roman names, the other symbols not present in the image, and all of the god's domains. Please follow this structure for each response.








Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...