Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Dear Mythology Students,

STOP MISSING CLASS! If you are not well, then please take care of yourself, but always refer back to the blog, and communicate with someone in class. Please return fully prepared with your assignments, even if you missed class.

1. MERCURIAL was the vocabulary word for the day. Communicate with a peer, or look it up yourself.

2.  You were introduced to two new myths......."Narcissus and Echo" and "Demeter." PLEASE READ BOTH FOR HOMEWORK, and notate for "What is the myth attempting to teach you?" I have included images of the myths below.

We then continued with Apollo, Hades, and Demeter. Please note the information for you below. 

God of Wealth (precious metals found within the earth)
You must pay to enter his domain with a coin (obolus)
Three levels...people are judged based upon HOW THEY LIVED THEIR LIFE
Just/Rhadamanthine....concept of ethics
Cerberus....three headed dog
Steals Persephone and she becomes "Queen of the Underworld"
Persephone spends three months of the year (winter) with Hades and the remaining months she is with her mother ...Persephone eats four pomegranate seeds confining her to the realm of the dead


Goddess of the Harvest
When her daughter Persephone is stolen by Hades, Demeter refuses to let anything grow
Zeus requests that she Persephone be returned to her mother
Demeter rarely lost her temper
Horse is created for her by Poseidon

Artemis and Apollo

Artemis and Apollo

Kill for virginity….she asked her father for eternal virginity, change your mind
ACTEON is a hunter….. changes him to stag and his hounds destroy him
ORION is a hunter ….Apollo kills ORION…..
Apollo is jealous of his sister ….scorpion and it stings Orion….Artemis places Orion and the scorpion in the stars
Apollo falls in love with Daphne…VIRGIN (Artemis), REVENGE!
Apollo is competitive…..”ROCK competition"”
2nd fav. To Zeus…..perfect
Ephesus is her city state.
 Apollo is the god of "Truth." 
His city state is called Delphi
He destroys the Python that tormented his mother and then draped its skin over his throne.
The women that worked for him were called Oracle or Pythian preistesses
He had his own athletic games called the Pythian Games; they were held in honor of the Python that he killed.

1. Read "Demeter" in your book pages 51-55
2. Read "Echo and Narcissus" ....I gave everyone a copy of the myth....but you can read the version in your text.
3. Focus on "WHAT IS THE MYTH TRYING TO TEACH ME?" when annotating.


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