Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mosaic Work is on-going......

Dear Mythology Kids,

If you have missed class, we have been working on our mosaics! You have also received some new vocabulary words.

  • Rhadamanthine
  • Mnemonic
  • Stygian
  • Cupidity
  • Stygian
  • Cupidity

Sorry, I'm not going to give you the definitions or etymologies. You'll need to collect those from someone in class, or use a dictionary. Wow, that's a novel idea (wink).



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MYTH in the form of ART...Mosaics!

Nemean Lion



Dear Mythology Classes,
I look forward to seeing the subjects you have chosen for your mosaics. For those of you that missed class on Tuesday, we completed the following:
1. Introduction of your "Mosaic Assignment"
  • Your mosaic must be at least 10 x 13 in size
  • The subject may be any aspect associated with our study of Classical Mythology (gods, lesser gods, heroes, monsters, and specific myths and their characters)
  • You need to be passionate about your selection.
  • If you elect to draw the subject, extra-credit will be given
  • If your mosaic is larger than the required size, extra-credit will be given
  • Choose a subject for your mosaic and have an overhead transparency prepared of the subject for Thursday. This is an assignment! Your transparency is due at the beginning of class on Thursday.
  • 50 points will be given for each day you come prepared to work on your mosaic. You will be given Monday, December 14th, Wednesday, December 16th and Friday, December 18th to work on your mosaic in class.

2. Everyone present submitted the second draft of their "Underworld" Assignment

3. We completed our quiz covering "Perseus."


  1. "Nature Myth Revision" is due on Monday, December 14th
  2. Please be prepared for a QUIZ on Thursday covering the NINE TRAITS of a HERO and the interview entitled "THE HERO'S JOURNEY"
  3. Transparency of mosaic subject is due on Thursday
  4. Works Citation indicating where you found the subject for your mosaic subject is due on Thursday. This needs to be typed, as you will submit it to me.




  1. You will be asked to identify the nine traits of a hero. You will be given two pieces of text from the myths of "Heracles" and "Theseus," where you will need to identify at least two of the nine traits located within each section of text.
  2. Regarding the article...Please focus on the following aspects: Why are there so many stories involving heroes? Heroes experience two types of deeds...identify and explain them. Why are women and children considered heroic? Please be familiar with the term "PATHOS," and its significance to the Greek heroes.

I hope this helps! I look forward to seeing you on Thursday!


K. Crampton

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Heroes of Classical Mythology....Oh, and don'[t miss class!

Dear Mythology Classes,

If you missed class on Friday, December 4th, you missed the following:

1. We completed a Journal #3 entitled "Hero." I asked the following:
  • Define the term hero (in your words). What specific qualities, in your opinion, does a hero possess? Identify individuals that you consider heroic, and then tell me why?
2. We discussed the journal entry! The qualities possessed by "your"heroes are much different from those of our Greek heroes. Heroes in ancient Greek were given this title because they experienced what is known as PATHOS, or in other words, they suffered more than other individuals. Through their suffering they became stronger.

3. Each hero possesses NINE TRAITS:
  • 1. They are flawed.
  • 2. They experience PATHOS, or they suffer more than the average person
  • 3. They are "Born" : There are two types of "births"
  • 1. They are conceived in an unusual manner
  • 2. The hero is "born" when they realize that they possess
  • abilities beyond the normal range of human achievement
  • 4. They are always assisted by a "goddess" (female character)
  • 5. They marry someone that causes them great pain and anguish
  • 6. They experience what is known as an "IGNITION EVENT." This event is usually, but not always, tragic. It causes them to "ignite" into action.
  • 7. They are faced with physical and emotional challenges.
  • 8. Through these challenges they become enlightened (more knowledgeable/physically and emotionally stronger)
  • 9. Their deaths are usually violent.
  • NOTE: Heroes experience at least 6 out of the 9 qualities


  1. Please remember that your "UNDERWORLD 2nd DRAFT" is due on Tuesday, December 8th!
  2. Please read "Perseus" pg. 146 in your textbook
  3. You wil have a quiz covering "Perseus" on Tuesday, December 8th!
  4. Please read "The Hero's Journey" given to you in class. This is an interview between mythology expert, Joseph Campbell, and Mill Moyers, a corespondent for NBC NEWS.
  5. Review the 9 TRAITS of a hero. If you missed class and did not receive a copy, I will place several copies of the interview outside my door.
  6. You will have a quiz over #4 and #5(above) on Thursday, December 10th!


Instructions: Please answer the questions in association with the bold section of text.

  • Acrisius journeyed to Delphi to ask the Oracle's assistance. What she told him was worse than what he had anticipated.
  • 1. What is his purpose in going to Delphi?
  • 2. What news does the Oracle give him?

  • As she sat there through the long days and hours with nothing to do, nothing to see except the clouds moving by overhead, something strange happened
  • 3. Okay, so explain this text to could an individual only see the "clouds moving overhead."
  • 4. What is the "strange happending?"

  • "He wanted her, but he did not want her son, so he set out a way to destroy him."
  • 5. Identify the "he" (general response is fine).
  • 6. Identify the "her" (proper noun, please)
  • 7. Identify the "son", and explain "the way to destroy him."

  • "This radiant personage told him that before he attacked her he must first be properly equipped. What he needed was in the possession of the Nymphs of the North, and to find them he must first speak to the aged ones."
  • 8. Identify the "radiant personage."
  • 9. What does "properly equipped" mean? Basically, what do the Nymphs of the North offer him?
  • 10. Explain and identify "aged ones."

  • "'Look into this when you attack the Gorgon," she said. '"
  • 11. Identify the "this" in the above quote.
  • 12. Identify who is speaking (she)?

Enjoy your weekend!



Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Well done on your presentations!

Dear Mythology Classes,

I am so proud of you, as each student and/or partnership did well on their presentation. We completed the presentations today in class. Your quiz on Friday, will cover ALL the characters associated with Odysseus. Please note the list below:

  • Lotus Eaters/Polyphemus
  • Aeolus/Laestragonians
  • Circe/Sirens
  • Scylla/Charbydis
  • Tieresias/Calypso
  • Telemachus/Penelope
  • Ganymede/Iris (for B1 only)


1. Please read the myth entitled "Glaucus and Scylla" pg. 296 in your textbook.

2. Prepare for a quiz covering the characters associated with Odysseus.

3. I returned the "peer reviews" for your "Underworld Assignments" today in class. The second draft for your "Underworld" is due on Tuesday, Dec. 8th. If you missed class today (Wednesday), please remember to collect your paper upon your return!


1. "Drugs, enjoy them while they last." ______________
2. "Let's eat human kabobs for dinner. "______________
3. Odysseus and his crew helped themselves to my stores of cheese and milk.____________
4. "Do not eat the cattle of the sun god, Helios." _________________
5. God of the winds. _______________
6. We are "dying" to hear their song. __________________
7. My friend and I have a habit of not keeping our boyfriends for long. I've had six in the last few days, and she's had so many that I've lost count (any order).
7. ________________________ 8. _____________________
9. "You will set him free, or your little island will find itself at the bottom of Poseidon's sea. " ___________________

10. Next to Athena and Arachne, I am an exceptional weaver._________________

11. "I've waited 20 years to meet you." ____________

12. "Let's see...what animal does your male psyche resemble the most." _____________

13. In exchange for me, Zeus gave my father horses that could run on water. _______________ (B1 Only)

14. Female messenger to the gods. _________________ (B1 Only)

I will look forward to seeing you on FRIDAY!

Cheers, Crampton

Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...