Sunday, August 31, 2008

If you missed class on Friday, August 29th

Dear Students,

Remember this, my fine young friends, IF YOU MISS CLASS THEN YOU NEED TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE INFORMATION THAT WAS DISCUSSED and ASSIGNMENTS given during your absence. You are welcome to e-mail me (, check the blog:, [which you are doing now] or visit with a friend). Please be prepared upon your return to save yourselves a significant amount of anguish.


If you missed class on Friday, you missed the following:

1. An explanation for a significant assignment which is due on Wednesday, Sept. 3rd. I will post more details regarding the assignment tomorrow. Each student was assigned a particular god, and then asked to do some research regarding their assigned character. I gave each student some information to begin their research, but asked that one additional source be used to obtain further information. If you are using the Internet to obtain information, I would use ENCYCLOPEDIA MYTHICA as a strong place to begin. You may obtain information from the Internet or another text besides your own.

A. Remember that you MUST include a "Works Cited" page for your sources. I gave each student a handout detailing examples on how to reference different sources.

B. The citation for the source I gave you in class is as follows:
Stoddard, Harrison. Mythology and You. Classical Mythology and its relevance in Today's

world. Chicago, ILL. : Allan and Bacom Publishing, 1982.

2. We completed the yellow chart regarding the gods. You will have a quiz covering this information on Friday. The quiz will consist of pictures of each god, which you must identify. Your must include their Greek and Roman names, symbols not included in the picture, and their domains. I have posted several pictures of the gods below to use as a pre-test. Go through each image and see if you can identify each god by the symbols that are included in the piece of artwork. If you struggle with this, then you know that you'll need to review more for the quiz. I will post the identities to each of the pictures on Wednesday. This post is to assist you will preparing for your quiz. SOME OF THE GODS ARE PICTURED MORE THAN ONCE! Oh, and there are some that I can't omit their identity. So, I would scroll 2/3 of the way down on the image, do your best to identify the god, and then see if you are correct! Remember that this is a pre-test for you, so don't compromise your INTEGRITY, cute kids!

Who are the following gods (Greek and Roman names, symbols that are not included, and domains)? Good luck with this pre-test! May the power of the gods by with you!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

If you missed class on Wed., Aug. 27th, 2008

If you missed class on Wednesday, August 27th, 2008 let me enlighten you.....
1. We reveiwed for your quiz covering "The Creation." You are welcome to use 1/4 of the flashcards that you completed on the quiz.
2. We took the quiz, corrected it, and then we began our discussion on the 13 Olympians. You have a chart in the "handout" section of your notebook that looks like this:

13 Olympians
Greek Roman Symbol Domain
We completed the above information for Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter and Hestia. My B4 class is slightly behind; we completed up to Hera for them. If you missed class on Wed., you need to make sure you obtain the information you missed from someone in class.
3. Make sure you read pages 24-the top half of page 36 in your textbook. This information will give you more schema on the gods.
I'll look forward to seeing you on Friday.

"The Creation" is coming to a close.....

Let's see... where was I...Oh, yes...I remember now. Remember that Rhea gave Cronus a stone, that he naturally thought to be his youngest child Zeus. Zeus, in the mean time, was being raised on the island of Crete, until the rightful time when he would usurp his father.

Rhea gave Cronus a drug which causes him to vomit up his five other children. He is shocked by this and quickly realizes that his children are against him. (I would be, too, if my father had swallowed me). Anyway, Zeus and his five siblings fight against Cronus and the other Titans. The battle lasts for 10 years, at which time Zeus releases his uncles the 100 handed ones and the cyclopes from the belly of Gaea. At this point they defeat Cronus.

The war ends, and Zeus is given the title of "King of the Gods," due to defeating his father. He and his other siblings take residence on Mt. Olympus, the tallest mountain in Greece. The ancient Greeks could not explain the continual cloud cover surrounding the mountain, so they assumed that the clouds were hiding or protecting something of great importance...namely the gods. The gods are referred to as "Olympians" due to living on Mt. Olympus. Zeus, Poseidon, Demeter, Hera, and Hestia are considered the first Olympians. Are you wondering about Hades? Well, he does not have a throne on Mt. Olympians, not because he is any less important, but because he is so busy with the constant "in-coming of the dead" that he rarely leaves his domain.

This is a photograph of Mt. Olympus.

Zeus/Jupiter King of the Olympians

Poseidon/Neptune, Lord of the Oceans

Hades/Pluto, Lord of the Underworld

Hera/Juno, Queen of the Gods, Marriage

Hesta/Vesta, Goddess of the Home

Demeter/Ceres, Goddess of Growth and Harvest

I hope these images help you to visual the first six Olympians. More to come....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to "THE CREATION"......Greek Style. that is

Okay, my young friends, I think that I have resolved some of the "issues" I was having with the blog; I appreciate your patience.

Back to the death of Uranus...As mentioned, Aphrodite was created from his severed "parts," and then Cronus grabbed Uranus' head and cut it off. Drops of blood from the head fell upon Gaea and the Furies were born. Yes, they are created from the heinous act of MURDER; yet, their role was far from heinous. They were created to desoy mortaal who committed the crimes of : MURDER, CRUELTY TOWARD PARENTS, CHLDREN, ELDERLY, GUESTS, AND WAYWARD TRAVELERS. This is an ideal lesson in why one should never judge by appearance. Clever, don't you think?
This is a relief depicting one of the Furies.

Now that Uranus is dead, Cronus claims is "right" to rule over his siblings the TITANS. Remember that the condition upon becoming king, was that he would not be a tyrant like his father Uranus. know that history repeats itself and he was far from benevolent.

Cronus has a dream where he is usurped by his children. Due to this, he decides that his children must be "done away with," he swallows all of them but the youngest child, who is Zeus. Rhea tricks Cronus by giving him a rock wrapped in a blanket.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If you missed class on Monday, August 25th, 2008

Hi guys,

If you missed class on Monday, you will need to return to pages 65-69 in your textbook. We reveiwed the map of ancient Greece, and then we continued and completed the flow chart of "The Creation Myth." This is an extensive story; one full of unusual characters and unfortunate events. I am working on putting the handouts on the blog, but due to being a novice at this, you'll need to be patient with me. Therefore, when you miss class, you must communicate with one of your peers to obtain ALL the information that you missed.

We discussed the rule of URANUS (such an unfortunate name) and his tyrannical approach toward his children.
Remember that he imprisons his first two sets of children, the 100 handed ones and the cyclopes within the belly of their mother, Gaea. The TITANS, his third group of children, do not meet this unfortunate fate at this point in the myth. Gaea becomes so irrate regarding her husband's treatment of their children that she decides Uranus must be destroyed.So, she proposes a question of her younger children, the Titans. "Which one of you would be willing to kill your father?" The youngest Titan, Cronus, answers with, "I will kill father for you, Mother."

So, Gaea gives Cronus a Scythe , at which point he castrates his father, and throws the "members" into the sea or rather Pontus, the personification of the sea. From that union of sexual organs and water a lovely goddess is born........APHRODITE, the goddess of love and sexual desire.

more to come...experiencing technical difficulties...stay tuned.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

If you missed class on Thursday, Aug. 21st, 2008.......

If you missed class on Thursday, please make sure that you visit with someone that was present. Each person received their textbook, free homework coupon, and then several handouts that will be used over the next two weeks. When you return to class please visit with me so we can give you these important documents.

1. We had a basic overview of ancient Greek civilation and its significance to us today. We also discussed the city-states of Athens and Sparta, in addition to Mycenae and the island of Crete.

2. We defined the term Mythology. It is valuable for you to know what mythology is, as you are in a mythology class, right? MYTHOLOGY: Ancient man's way of explaining what he could not comprehend.

3. We then briefly discussed the importance of seven writers: Homer, Hesiod, Euripides, Sophocles, Aescylus, Ovid and Virgil. Each writer has played a role in developing the myths that we will be reading in class.

4. We then began with the "Creation Myth."

1. Please read pages 65-69 in your textbook
2. Start working on your flashcards
3. Your "Introduction" is due on Monday

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Disclosure Document

Timpanogos High School
Kori Crampton
223-3120 ext. 212 (home) (school)
Course Description/Requirements:
Welcome to Mythology; I am thrilled that you have chosen to take this exciting class. Mythology is designed to give you a broad understanding of the importance and relevance of myths in modern culture, as well as in all genres of literature. It is a two semester course (entire year); the first semester (up through February 2007) focusing on Greek/Roman Mythology; the second semester focusing on Norse Mythology (Vikings) and The Arthurian Legend (Celtic Mythology). I hope that you will be in Mythology for the entire year, as it will heighten your understanding of literature, increase your vocabulary, and give you a broadened understanding of many aspects of our society.
You will be required to read and write about the myths and legends studied and the elements of both. You will be required to do outside reading, research, and extensive writing related to mythology, actively participate in oral discussions, develop and write your own myths.
Mythology is extremely interdisciplinary. This means that you will be exposed to other subjects other than English, such as Art, Theater, Science, and History. Active participation and cooperation in class discussions and group projects is expected and will be a part of your grade. Please note that extensive memorization is part of the course; if you struggle with this skill be aware that you will be asked to memorize and recall many aspects of mythology in this class. I will help you with this, but you must be willing to put forth effort yourself.
You will gain a great deal from taking Mythology; however, it is not a class that you can easily “blow off.” If you have chosen to take this course because you believe it will be an “easy ‘A’”, then I would suggest you reconsider your choice. This class is only available to Seniors; consequently, a great deal is expected and required. However, if you work hard and are conscious of your choices, then you will be successful.

NOTE: You must be aware that the discussion of how mythological creatures are formed and created will be part of our curriculum. The issue of sex does occur in several of the myths we read; however, I do not feel that the references to this topic are inappropriate in any way.

TEXTS: Mythology by Edith Hamilton (ISBN # 0-448-80725), The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Norse Myths, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Beowulf , Le Morte D’Arthur
Materials Required!!!!!
You are required to have your materials with you each class period

Categories for notebook:
A. Assignments/Homework
B. Handouts
C. Notes
D. Mechanics/Vocab.
E. Journal
2. A SPIRAL NOTEBOOK WITH THREE HOLES/ This notebook will be used for journal entries.
4. PENCIL(s) (Pencil will be used for certain assignments)
5.Colored Pencils
6. Markers with the following colors: red, blue, purple, orange, yellow, green, black
7.3 x 5 index cards (one package)
8. Computer disk
9. Plaster bandage to use when making masks (This material will be used later on during the first semester. I will give you plenty of notice, so that you will have time to purchase one. They are $4.00 and can be found at any medical supply store.)

Classroom Procedures/Citizenship:
Each of you should have a concept of the word “respect.” Anything you do which interferes with your ability to learn, your fellow students’ abilities to learn, or my ability to teach is inappropriate, so THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!

1. BE ON TIME--and in your seat when the tardy bell rings, or you will be counted as being late. PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE FOR CLASS! LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR THAT KIND OF HASSLE! ( The tardy policy will be discussed in greater detail later in the disclosure document).

2. Respect other’s voices and property. Talking while I am talking or any of your peers is unacceptable; doing so will result in a lower citizenship grade.

3. Class time given for working on assignments will be for Mythology only; no other work is to be done at that time, unless you have completed your assignment(s) and you have checked with me.

4. Discuss major problems or concerns at an appropriate time--before or after class! Discussions are welcome, but arguments are not.

5. NO FOOD OR DRINKS IN CLASS (unless I give them to you). If you have a medical condition that requires you to eat, then please let me know.

6. If you are suspected of cheating on a major exam, you will be required to take the make-up exam. If cheating is suspected on any assignment, you may be asked to do the assignment again. If cheating is proven in any chase (beyond a doubt), you will be given a “zero.” There is nothing more valuable than your integrity!

7. Cell phones should not be used in class, unless you are using them to record your assignments.

Tardy Policy and Attendance:
I expect each of you to adhere to school policies. Basically, I need you in class and on time. Being late for class only causes you a great deal of grief, as you miss vital information. Besides, being late for class is rude, especially when I have started our lesson for the day, and there is nothing that irritates me more than rude behavior.
You will be given numerous quizzes over your homework and the subject matter that we discuss in class; if you are late for class, and a quiz is being given, then you will not have the option of taking the quiz. THIS IS SIGNIFICANT, as the quizzes that you will be given in Mythology are 30-50 question quizzes, and if you miss a quiz due to being tardy, then you will struggle in class. I NEED YOU IN CLASS AND ON TIME!
I will not accept any excuse for tardies or absences, unless, of course it is a school excuse. If you are late because you were with another teacher, administrator, or counselor then I will expect to receive a note from that faculty/staff member. For each day you are in class you receive 10 participation points (260 points total/26 days in a quarter). If you are tardy or absent then you lose those points for the day(s) that you came in late or missed.
Each student is allowed 3 tardies without penalty. On the 4th tardy and every tardy there after no credit (NC) is earned until restored. Your tardies must be restored by the end of each term. A no credit (NC) that has not been restored by the end of the term will result in no credit for that term and will be calculated as an “F.”
One more point regarding attendance, I would not miss class, not even one day. It is extremely difficult to grasp the concepts we discuss in class when you are absent.. Yes, you can go to your book or a friend, but if you miss the lecture and the explanation for your homework assignments, you will be confused! Mythology has a tendency to be illogical and bizarre!

Late Work:
“Late Work” is an oxymoron in Mythology, simply because the concept does not exist in this class. All assignments are to be turned in on their due date, at the beginning of class to receive credit.
If you know that you’re going to miss class, then find out if an assignment is due on that particular date, and submit it before your absence. If you return from an absence, knowing that an assignment was due while you were gone, and you made the choice not to submit it prior to leaving, then you will not receive credit for it. You may also give assignments to friends you have in class, and they can submit the work for you on the date it is due, or you are welcome to submit an assignment to me via e-mail. I realize that there may be some exceptions to submitting assignments at a later date than originally given (hospitalization, death, family concerns, etc.). If you have extenuating circumstances, then communicate with me, so that we can make arrangements for you to submit your assignments within a reasonable amount of time.
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to find out what assignments and class activities are missed when you are absent; therefore, there are no exceptions regarding due dates for full credit. If an assignment is due the day you return, and you had prior knowledge of the assignment, you will be expected to hand it in on time. If an assignment is given on a day that you are absent, then you will be expected to find out the requirements for the assignment(s) and submit it (them) on the appropriate due date. In addition, if you miss class, then you will be required to take the quiz, complete the activity, etc. the day you return, even if you were not in class when the assignment was given.
FIND OUT WHAT YOU MISSED BEFORE you return to class. If you return without being prepared then you will not receive credit for the assignment. Due to the fact that Mythology is a Senior English class, designed to prepare you for certain college courses and the real world, giving you the opportunity to submit late word defeats the purpose of the class.

Homework and Tests:
Homework will vary in nature and will be given a point value. On the days that it is given, you should expect a minimum of thirty to sixty minutes of homework per class period. For more extensive assignments, enough time will be given so that the assignment can be completed prior to the due date. I expect you to copy your homework assignment(s) in the “homework/assignment” section of your notebook. planner, palm pilot, cell phone, etc. at the beginning of each class period.
Tests and quizzes will be given during and after units of instruction.; projects will also be used as a form of assessment. Test scores will be available two-seven school days after the test, depending on the nature of the exam (project, essay, etc.)

No grade is ever “given,” but rather each grade is earned. If you need to talk with me about your grades, please do so at an appropriate time. We can easily schedule an appointment where we can discuss your concerns in private.
Grades are determined by the amount of points earned in comparison with the amount of points possible. To be totally honest, I despise grades. I wish that our system of assessing what you learn was different; however, I believe that “grades” will be in existence long after you and I have gone. I find that students work more for “the grade” than they do for the intrinsic satisfaction of learning. Try to have a different outlook on your grade in this class. Yes, you will each receive a grade, but I want you to reconsider why you are doing your assignments. Look forward to what you will learn each quarter, not what grade you will receive.
Grades are posted weekly. You are requested to keep all your graded assignments for the entire term. This way if you or I have a question regarding a grade, then you will be able to verify your work. In addition, save each assignment on your “Mythology Disk ” in order to protect yourself and make sure your grades are accurate.

The grading scale is as follows:
A 94-100 A-93-90 B+ 89-87 B 86-84
B-83-80 C+ 79-77 C 76-74 C- 73-70
D+ 69-67 D 66-64 D- 63-60 F 59 or below

Extra Credit: Various extra credit options are made available to you throughout the year and specific instructions and guidelines are given in class. I don’t give extra-credit so that my students can “blow off” their homework assignments, and make up the scores with extra-credit. Extra-credit assignments are not available to students unless all other assigned work during the grading period has been completed. Students may earn up to but no more than 35extra-credit points per quarter. Deadlines for extra-credit options will be given in class.

Sum Up:
I love my job! I work hard to make each lesson worthwhile. I do this because I want you to be smart. Intelligent people have every advantage, and what you learn in high school is something that no one can take from you. You may be the mechanic who repairs my brakes, the teller who credits my deposits at the bank, the doctor that treats my family , the legislator who votes for my raise, the contractor who builds my home, the entertainer I see in the movies, the musician I listen to on CD, the computer guru who makes my life investing in you, I invest in the future; and your future begins with a solid education. Finally, I plan to treat you as individuals deserving of respect and fair treatment, and I expect to be treated with respect in return. I am not only your teacher, but I am also a real person who has good days and bad days as you do. We need to be aware of this and tolerant of each other. I am always approachable, so if you need help or have questions then let me know. I look forward to working with you this year. See you in Mythology!

Dear Parents,
I sincerely care about your student. His/Her progress in my class is of the
utmost importance to me. If you are concerned about your student’s academic standing, please call me at school or home (school-221-3120 ext.212). I can also be reached by e-mail at I will contact you if I have concerns about your student, and I ask you to do the same I ask that you please take an active role in your student’s education at Timpanogos High School. I teach on B Days only, but I can easily schedule conferences before or after school on A days, or we can meet during my B3 prep period. I hope that this will be a positive year for your student, and I look forward to working with them and you.


Mrs. Kori Crampton

Please tear/cut on this line

I have read and understand the disclosure document. Your student will receive 50 points for returning this slip to me on August 28th, 2006!

Student’s Signature__________________________________ Date:________________

Parent’s Signature____________________________________ Date:_______________

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome Back to T.H.S.

I do hope that each of you have enjoyed your return to T.H.S. Allow me to remind you of your assignments and their due dates.

1. Supplies (refer to your disclosure document) are due on THURSDAY, August 21st. Your notebook needs to be organized with the following five tabs: "Assignments," "Handouts," "Notes," "Mechanics/Vocab," and "Journal."

2. "What is a Classic?" Assignment is due on THURSDAY, August 21st. Refer to the following for clarification:

“What is a Classic?”
Mrs. Kori Crampton
DUE DATE:___________________________________

If something is referred to as being “classic,” what does this mean? Many times when individuals hear the word “classic,” they naturally think of pieces of literature, which, of course makes sense. In addition to great pieces of literature, there are a myriad of other aspects to our culture that could be considered “classic.”
Prior to explaining your assignment, allow me to give you some insight into the word “classic.”
It has been suggested that the Latin root classicus, relates to the “first or highest class or division in which the Roman people were anciently divided. These individuals were often spoken of as classici.” So, the word “classic” could be interpreted to mean “of the first class,” or “of the highest order.” The meaning is probably best captured by our slang expression, “classy.”
So, knowing this little bit of information, what do you consider to be “classic?”

For your assignment, you are to consider the word “classic,” and then locate an image of what you believe to be “classic.” There is no right or wrong answer, as long as you can justify your choice as being “of the first class” or “of the highest order.” Then I need you to further justify your choice in writing by answering the following questions in your response.
l 1. Identify your “classic” choice.
l 2. In your own words, what does the term “classic” mean to you?
l 3. In a brief paragraph, explain why you consider your choice to be “classic?” Please be specific. A response such as, “Because I like it,” is not thorough enough!
l 4. Finally, in another brief paragraph, tell me why you think we call the myths of the Greek and Romans “Classical Mythology?” Why not just call them “the myths of Greece and Rome?” Or even better “Grecian and Roman Mythology?” We call the myths of the Egyptians “Egyptian Mythology.” We call the myths of the Chinese “Chinese Mythology?” So, why do you think we call Greek and Roman myths “Classical Mythology?”

l 1. Please type , double space your response, using 12 pt. Font, Times New Roman print
l 2. Include an image of your chosen “classic example”
l 3. Follow the example give to you on the reverse side of this paper
l 4. Include your first and last name, period, assignment title, and seat # in the upper right corner of your paper

3. "Where I Stand" Introduction is due on Monday, August 24th. Refer to the following for clarification:

Where I Stand
Mrs. Kori Crampton

I am
an Air Force “brat” who has had the opportunity to live in several different countries; some of these include Turkey, Japan, England, and Okinawa, and in several different states such as California, Nevada, Florida, North Carolina, Washington State, Illinois, and Texas. When people ask me, “Where are you from?” I usually respond with “everywhere.” I have been married eighteen years to Jonathan (“JC” for short). He is a physical therapist, and an exceptional athlete, as he has run 53 marathons (26.2). He is from England, so he has a mesmerizing and intoxicating accent! We have three daughters, Brianna is 12, Bethany is 6, and Sadie is 3, and I love being a mom! This is my seventeenth year to to teach, but I have been a student all my life. I attended Brigham Young University for my Bachelor's degree which is in English and Theater Education, and my Master's degree,from Walden University, is in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment with an emphasis in English.

I like
being with my family, finding “unclaimed” money in the dryer, sipping Jamba juice, playing with our children (actually all children), skiing, going to my kick boxing classes, attending theater productions, and three day weekends. I like the smell of summer rain, newly mowed grass, working in our yard, hot pop-corn, going to see movies (and then having an open discussion about the film), drinking Fresca (my favorite drink), and homemade soup with cinnamon rolls, also homemade, on a winter's day. I enjoy sunrises, the first quiet snowfall, when my children are sleeping, shopping (if only I had an endless supply of funds), and sunsets on any beach (with Mr. Crampton, of course). I appreciate all types of music. I love to decorate and develop new ideas for my home! I LOVE TO TRAVEL, because it is truly the best form of “education.” Greece, specifically the Greek island of Santorini, is my favorite foreign destination, so far. I enjoy eating food that I don't have to prepare, and sharing ideas with others.

I don't care for HEIGHTS (my greatest fear), waiting in lines, being caught in traffic, and rude behavior. How difficult is it to walk behind someone, rather than walking in front of them, or waiting until a conversation has finished until one speaks? How difficult is to not talk while someone else is speaking, or to took someone in the eyes when they are talking to you? Such behavior is not hard! I don't care for the actions of stealing, lying, cheating, or complaining about anything. So much energy is wasted on complaining....”Just do it. Do it right, and Do it right now.” I don't like strange noises when I am home alone, slick roads, gossip, being cold, acne, ironing, disorder, or putting gas in my car! (For some reason the smell of gas makes me feel nauseated). I am also easily frustrated when people fail to signal, and those that don't return their shopping carts to the stalls in the parking lots. How hard is it to put things away? I struggle with politicians without morals or integrity, actually anyone without morals or integrity, greed, corruption, hypocrisy, and judging others based upon the way they look!

I believe that the best idea has not been thought of yet; that one person can make a difference; that people are inherently good, and that learning is a life-long process. I also believe that I can be better at everything that I choose to do. I also believe that the belief in a higher being gives one a feeling of peace and purpose.

The colors that best describe me would be RED, YELLOW, and BLUE. RED because I am confident, assertive, and in control. YELLOW because I enjoying having a great time, and I love to laugh. BLUE because I value order.

I am a fan of those who participate in the Hawaii Iron Man Triathlon (26.2 miles run, 112 mile bike ride, 2 ¼ mile swim), specifically those that crawl across the finish line. They have courage, devotion, and guts! I am a fan of all athletic events, because sports take skill, both mental and physical ability. My favorite sports are tennis and volleyball. I am a fan of those who choose to serve in the military. I am free because of their sacrifice, and you and I both know that “freedom is never free!” I am a fan of common courtesy and chivalry. Such as opening the door for a lady; asking someone you don't k now if you can carry their packages, etc. Such behavior is admirable, and I wish more people possessed these traits. I am a fan of the arts, from drama to dance, because anything artistic involves using the mind in a creative and imaginative fashion. I am a fan of individuals who are not afraid to share their thoughts and opinions, while still respecting those of others.

If I could change anything about MYSELF it would be my diabetes. I've had diabetes since I was two, and I am ready for a cure! I become weary of testing my blood sugar, watching what I eat, making sure that my insulin pump is working properly, etc. Yet, I am glad to be here, and without modern medicine that would not be possible.

The list is, undoubtedly, incomplete. You will be able to fill in the gaps as you become better acquainted with me this year. I look forward go becoming acquainted with each of you.


Mrs. Kori Crampton


Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...