Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome Back to T.H.S.

I do hope that each of you have enjoyed your return to T.H.S. Allow me to remind you of your assignments and their due dates.

1. Supplies (refer to your disclosure document) are due on THURSDAY, August 21st. Your notebook needs to be organized with the following five tabs: "Assignments," "Handouts," "Notes," "Mechanics/Vocab," and "Journal."

2. "What is a Classic?" Assignment is due on THURSDAY, August 21st. Refer to the following for clarification:

“What is a Classic?”
Mrs. Kori Crampton
DUE DATE:___________________________________

If something is referred to as being “classic,” what does this mean? Many times when individuals hear the word “classic,” they naturally think of pieces of literature, which, of course makes sense. In addition to great pieces of literature, there are a myriad of other aspects to our culture that could be considered “classic.”
Prior to explaining your assignment, allow me to give you some insight into the word “classic.”
It has been suggested that the Latin root classicus, relates to the “first or highest class or division in which the Roman people were anciently divided. These individuals were often spoken of as classici.” So, the word “classic” could be interpreted to mean “of the first class,” or “of the highest order.” The meaning is probably best captured by our slang expression, “classy.”
So, knowing this little bit of information, what do you consider to be “classic?”

For your assignment, you are to consider the word “classic,” and then locate an image of what you believe to be “classic.” There is no right or wrong answer, as long as you can justify your choice as being “of the first class” or “of the highest order.” Then I need you to further justify your choice in writing by answering the following questions in your response.
l 1. Identify your “classic” choice.
l 2. In your own words, what does the term “classic” mean to you?
l 3. In a brief paragraph, explain why you consider your choice to be “classic?” Please be specific. A response such as, “Because I like it,” is not thorough enough!
l 4. Finally, in another brief paragraph, tell me why you think we call the myths of the Greek and Romans “Classical Mythology?” Why not just call them “the myths of Greece and Rome?” Or even better “Grecian and Roman Mythology?” We call the myths of the Egyptians “Egyptian Mythology.” We call the myths of the Chinese “Chinese Mythology?” So, why do you think we call Greek and Roman myths “Classical Mythology?”

l 1. Please type , double space your response, using 12 pt. Font, Times New Roman print
l 2. Include an image of your chosen “classic example”
l 3. Follow the example give to you on the reverse side of this paper
l 4. Include your first and last name, period, assignment title, and seat # in the upper right corner of your paper

3. "Where I Stand" Introduction is due on Monday, August 24th. Refer to the following for clarification:

Where I Stand
Mrs. Kori Crampton

I am
an Air Force “brat” who has had the opportunity to live in several different countries; some of these include Turkey, Japan, England, and Okinawa, and in several different states such as California, Nevada, Florida, North Carolina, Washington State, Illinois, and Texas. When people ask me, “Where are you from?” I usually respond with “everywhere.” I have been married eighteen years to Jonathan (“JC” for short). He is a physical therapist, and an exceptional athlete, as he has run 53 marathons (26.2). He is from England, so he has a mesmerizing and intoxicating accent! We have three daughters, Brianna is 12, Bethany is 6, and Sadie is 3, and I love being a mom! This is my seventeenth year to to teach, but I have been a student all my life. I attended Brigham Young University for my Bachelor's degree which is in English and Theater Education, and my Master's degree,from Walden University, is in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment with an emphasis in English.

I like
being with my family, finding “unclaimed” money in the dryer, sipping Jamba juice, playing with our children (actually all children), skiing, going to my kick boxing classes, attending theater productions, and three day weekends. I like the smell of summer rain, newly mowed grass, working in our yard, hot pop-corn, going to see movies (and then having an open discussion about the film), drinking Fresca (my favorite drink), and homemade soup with cinnamon rolls, also homemade, on a winter's day. I enjoy sunrises, the first quiet snowfall, when my children are sleeping, shopping (if only I had an endless supply of funds), and sunsets on any beach (with Mr. Crampton, of course). I appreciate all types of music. I love to decorate and develop new ideas for my home! I LOVE TO TRAVEL, because it is truly the best form of “education.” Greece, specifically the Greek island of Santorini, is my favorite foreign destination, so far. I enjoy eating food that I don't have to prepare, and sharing ideas with others.

I don't care for HEIGHTS (my greatest fear), waiting in lines, being caught in traffic, and rude behavior. How difficult is it to walk behind someone, rather than walking in front of them, or waiting until a conversation has finished until one speaks? How difficult is to not talk while someone else is speaking, or to took someone in the eyes when they are talking to you? Such behavior is not hard! I don't care for the actions of stealing, lying, cheating, or complaining about anything. So much energy is wasted on complaining....”Just do it. Do it right, and Do it right now.” I don't like strange noises when I am home alone, slick roads, gossip, being cold, acne, ironing, disorder, or putting gas in my car! (For some reason the smell of gas makes me feel nauseated). I am also easily frustrated when people fail to signal, and those that don't return their shopping carts to the stalls in the parking lots. How hard is it to put things away? I struggle with politicians without morals or integrity, actually anyone without morals or integrity, greed, corruption, hypocrisy, and judging others based upon the way they look!

I believe that the best idea has not been thought of yet; that one person can make a difference; that people are inherently good, and that learning is a life-long process. I also believe that I can be better at everything that I choose to do. I also believe that the belief in a higher being gives one a feeling of peace and purpose.

The colors that best describe me would be RED, YELLOW, and BLUE. RED because I am confident, assertive, and in control. YELLOW because I enjoying having a great time, and I love to laugh. BLUE because I value order.

I am a fan of those who participate in the Hawaii Iron Man Triathlon (26.2 miles run, 112 mile bike ride, 2 ¼ mile swim), specifically those that crawl across the finish line. They have courage, devotion, and guts! I am a fan of all athletic events, because sports take skill, both mental and physical ability. My favorite sports are tennis and volleyball. I am a fan of those who choose to serve in the military. I am free because of their sacrifice, and you and I both know that “freedom is never free!” I am a fan of common courtesy and chivalry. Such as opening the door for a lady; asking someone you don't k now if you can carry their packages, etc. Such behavior is admirable, and I wish more people possessed these traits. I am a fan of the arts, from drama to dance, because anything artistic involves using the mind in a creative and imaginative fashion. I am a fan of individuals who are not afraid to share their thoughts and opinions, while still respecting those of others.

If I could change anything about MYSELF it would be my diabetes. I've had diabetes since I was two, and I am ready for a cure! I become weary of testing my blood sugar, watching what I eat, making sure that my insulin pump is working properly, etc. Yet, I am glad to be here, and without modern medicine that would not be possible.

The list is, undoubtedly, incomplete. You will be able to fill in the gaps as you become better acquainted with me this year. I look forward go becoming acquainted with each of you.


Mrs. Kori Crampton


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