Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quiz, "Melody Time," and "Why Birds Molt".......

Dear Mythology Kids,

We completed the following:

1. Submitted our "take-home" quizzes.
2. Took the quiz covering the following nature myths: "Daphne," "Narcissus," "Prometheus and Io," and "Arachne"
3. We then completed Journal #2 entitled "Melody Time." Students watched a cartoon regarding the legendary character Pecos Bill and then identify several nature myth aspects found within the clip.
4. We then reviewed a strong example of a nature myth...."Why birds molt!"

1. Your throne is due on Monday.
2. Nature Myth Part 1 is also due on Monday!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

QUIZ covering the Nature Myths on Thursday!

Dear Mythology Kids,

If you missed class on Tuesday, September 28th, we completed the following:

1. Nature Part 1 was introduced to the students. In essence, I am asking you to start thinking about your own nature myth; consequently, you need to create your own god. Please see me so I can give you a copy of Nature Myth part 1
2. We read another nature myth entitled "Prometheus and Io" (pgs. 78-81). Please read the myth for your quiz on Thursday.
3. Everyone submitted
4. THRONE is due on Monday!
5. Nature Myth Part 1 is also due on Monday!

1. Take-home quiz is due on Thursday.
2. In-class quiz covering "Daphne," "Arachne," "Narcissus" and "Prometheus and Io"
3. Start considering the points surround "Nature Myth Part 1"


Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's only "natural"....... We read and discussed several nature myths today!

Dearest Mythology Students,

I'm sorry that you  missed class! If you are ill, please take care of yourself, if  you decided to "avoid" class, then YOU ARE GOING TO HADES WITHOUT AN OBOLUS! SHAME ON YOU, my young friends!

We completed the following:
1. Journal #1 entitle "Hope"
              Please consider the following quote by Freidrich Nietzsche. "Hope is the worst of all       evils, because it prolongs the torment of man."  "Talk" to me about this. Do you agree or disagree with Nietzsche? Explain why? Possibly you see his point of view, but you also view "hope" as a positive entity, as well. Please support your opinion with a personal example.

2. We read several nature myths in class...."Narcissus," "Arachne," "Daphne" (found in your book on page 119),  and "Clytie" (page 305 in book). If you missed class, please read these myths. "Narcissus" and "Arachne" can both be found in your textbook, so even though you did not receive the versions I gave to everyone in class, you may use your text as a "back up" for those myths.

3. We had a "guest" come to class. I hope you enjoyed learning more about "Rosie."

1. Please read "Demeter and Persephone" ( I gave everyone a copy of this myth). It won't work as a PDF, so I have left several copies outside my room on the bulletin board.
2. Please read "Demeter" (located on pgs. 50-55) in your book.
          Note: Both #1 and #2 are the same myth; yet, they have some distinct differences
3. QUIZ on TUESDAY covering "Prometheus," "Pandora," and "Demeter and Persephone." Your quiz is a "take-home" quiz. Make sure you have your myths to exchange for the quiz.
4. Remember your "Modern Day God" assignment is due on TUESDAY!
5. Remember your Throne Assignment is due on October 4th.

Enjoy your weekend; I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

If you missed class on Monday, September 20th....SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

Dear Mythology Kids,

I miss you so much when you are not in class. Please work on always attending, unless of course, you are incredibly ill...then stay home!

1. Presented information on the following gods. Please obtain the information from someone else in class.

Aphrodite and Ares

2. Please make sure you obtain the information that was presented in class, as your QUIZ on Wednesday will pertain to more detailed information concerning the gods.

3. Students were given a new assignment entitled "Modern Day God" assignment. Please visit with me about this if you have questions.  The due date is Tuesday, September 28th.
 Instructions for "Modern Day God" Assignment:

1.Through our class discussions, each student should have a greater understanding concerning the Olympians. Please select ONE Olympian and connect him/her to an individual from past or present society. The god you select does not need to be the same one you research regarding your “Handout” assignment.
2.All of the god's attributes do not need to be obvious in relationship to the individual chosen for connection; however, you must be able to relate at least one (obviously) attribute that both possess. Please go beyond the obvious, by focusing on intrinsic characters rather than appearance.
3.In order to obtain enough information regarding your chosen connection, you will need to complete some research. Please note the citation examples below concerning a book or Internet source.

BOOK: Carter, Joseph. The Life of Mark Twain. Scott Foreman, Pub., New York, NY.


INTERNET: William, Jacob. “Mark Twain.” The Mark Twain No One Knew. August

                             17th, 2001. September 11, 2008.


4.Please begin your response by indicating the connection between the god and your chosen individual (Introduction). Your next paragraph needs to indicate aspects concerning the god (Body Paragraph #1). The third paragraph will focus on the individual chosen for comparison (Body Paragraph #2). Finally, your fourth paragraph will justify why you elected to compare the two characters (Conclusion)

5.Please use ACADEMIC VOICE for your response.
6.MLA Format regarding structure and citations also needs to be used. Double space your response, using Times New Roman print, and 12 point font.
7. Please incorporate an image of your “modern day” comparison in your paper.

May the power of Athena and Hephaestus be with you, my young friends!

Let me know if you need any assistance.

Instructions: Please select the god that BEST fits each description. You will need to identify the character with both Greek and Roman names. For some questions you will need to justify your response. Some gods may be used more than once.

1. Venerate, Vigil, Valuable, Vigilante, Volume, Viscous...I love words that begin with the letter V. ______________/______________ (both Greek and Roman names)
2. I would make an excellent "shop" teacher. ______________/___________
3. I have a PhD in Statistics. __________/______________
4. I am "President Obama" of the Olympians. _____________/____________
5. I directed a documentary film on master thieves. ___________/____________
6. I would do well working in a floral shop, as the buds would always bloom.

7. War of the Worlds is my favorite film. ____________/___________
8. I always "hit my mark." __________/_____________
9. I am responsible for desecrating a temple. ____________/_____________
10. Justify your response for #9 ____________________________________________

11. A trick was played to woo me, so "love can not live where there is no trust." ______/_____
12. Justify your response for #11. ____________________________________________

13. I failed to ask my wife's mother for her hand in "marriage." _________/_________
14. "Make me the most beautiful land animal." __________/____________

Good luck with the practice quiz.
I will see you on Wednesday!
Cheers, Crampton

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If you missed class on Tuesday, September 14th....

Dear Mythology Students,

If you missed class on Tuesday, September 14th we did the following:

1. Took practice quiz covering the 13 Olympians
2. Took actual quiz covering the 13 Olympians
3. Corrected quiz
4. Started obtaining additional information on all the gods. We completed Zeus, Hera and Athena. When you return to class, you will need to obtain the GREEN handout which is where we are recording the additional information about the gods. The following information was discussed for each:


  • controls all aspects of the weather
  • tricks Hera into marrying him by transforming into a cuckoo bird
  • Hera is his second wife
  • Metis is his first wife (she is the mother to Athena)
  • shapeshifts into animals in order to woe women
  • has numerous affairs
  • Just
  • has difficulties in making decisions
  • god of athletes/athletic events were held in his honor

  • Zeus transforms into a cuckoo bird. Hera loves animals, and finds a "cuckoo bird" outside her window trapped in a storm. She brings the bird to her breast and states, "I will love you forever, cuckoo bird, and I swear by the River Styx that I will honor this vow." At this point, Zeus returned to his true form, raped Hera, and told her that she had to honor her vow by marrying him. If you swore by Styx your oath could not be broken.
  • She loves animals.
  • Hephaestus is her son without a father (in some versions) Hera was angry that Zeus had given birth to Athena without the assistance of a mother, so she gave birth to Hephaestus without a father. He was born ugly and unshapen, so she cast him off Mt. Olympus.
  • Due to Zeus' affairs, Hera takes her anger and frustrations out on Zeus' lovers and children.
  • Hera renews her virginity every year by bathing in the River Evenes.Athena
  • Zeus swallowed Athena's mother, Metis, because an oracle had informed Zeus that if Metis birthed a son that child would overthrow his father. Zeus felt that he could not risk this, so he swallowed Metis. Athena grew within her father, until one day he experience a terrible headache. Hephaestus, the God of Inventions, sliced open Zeus' head and Athena was born wearing full battle armour and holding a shield and spear.
  • Athena values mankind. She taught them how to create tools, use numbers, create nets, weaving and ships.
  • Athena expected mankind to give gratitude to the gods of Olympus. If they were disrespectful, she punished them. She turns a mortal woman names Arachne into a spider because she failed to thank Athena for her gift. In addition, she said that she was a better weaver than Athena.
  • Athena and Poseidon both wanted Attica as their city-state. The people decided they would select their patron god based upon a gift they offered the people. Athena gave the people an Olive Tree, and Poseidon gave the people a spring of salt water. The people selected Athena as their patron deity; consequently, Poseidon detested Athena.
I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.
Posted by Crampton at 3:29 PM

Friday, September 10, 2010

If you missed class on Friday, September 10th......

Dear Mythology Kids,

STOP MISSING CLASS, my fine young friends!

For those of you that missed class on Friday, September 10th, we completed the following:

1. We corrected "The Creation" quiz.

2.  Each student submitted one copy of "The Handout" assignment, along with a copy of the additional source they used in order to obtain information about their god. The other copy was used in class.

4. Students worked in groups compiling the information they obtain about their god.  We will share this information on TUESDAY!

PRACTICE QUIZ for "The Olympians" NOTE: I did not find an image of Hades that I felt was "accurate." Please be aware of this when taking your quiz. Good Luck.....

For each image, please identify the Greek and Roman names, the other symbols not present in the image, and all of the god's domains. Please follow this structure for your responses.






Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If you missed class on Wednesday, September 8th...

Dear Mythology Students,

If you missed class on Wednesday, you will need to do the following:

1. Visit with someone else regarding your "HANDOUT" assignment. Each student was given one of the 13 Olympians to research. In addition, I gave each student information regarding their particular god. Your assignment requires that you have a minimum of two sources (I gave one to each student), and then you are to locate another source (Internet, your book, etc.) A valid website is "ENCYCLOPEDIA MYTHICA." This assignment is due on Friday. You should have two copies of your handout. One will be used in class, the other will be given to me. In addition, please make a copy of your additional source (the Internet, book, etc. ), as I want to see the other source you used to obtain information.

TYLER ZAMORA! Your god is Hephaestus. I have included instructions for the assignment outside my door, and the information that I am providing for you.
2. Please read pages 24-36 in your book. The section is entitled "The Olympians."

3. Your next QUIZ will occur on Tuesday, September 14th. The quiz will cover the Greek and Roman names, symbols and domains of the gods. START reviewing now.....

I look forward to seeing you on Friday.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Key to Success....PREPARATION!

"The Creation Myth"




I           When I see you on Wednesday, we will review, and then take your quiz.  Remember to use the practice quiz as a pre-test, so you should put all of your information away while you take the quiz. THIS IS CLEARLY AN INTEGRITY ISSUE ON YOUR PART, my fine young friends. In addition, you should print a copy of the quiz as a word document, and be prepared to bring it with you to class on Wednesday. We will review for the quiz by discussing the questions on the practice quiz. If you choose to use flashcards on the quiz for Wednesday, you can use a 1/4 of the ones that you complete.  DON'T FORGET to review the information concerning your map. In addition, you will received questions from "Tell me a Story."
1. According to the ancient Greeks, how did formed matter begin?

2. Three "beings" were initially created, please identify them for 2-4.

2._______________ 3.______________ 4.________________

5. Who was Uranus, and what was his greatest fear?

6. Identify his first two "groups" of children and why his wife was so angry with him concerning these children.

7. What characters are created from Uranus' death (in any order)?

7._____________________ 8._________________

9. Describe the Titans to me.............

10. Why is Cronus so willing to destroy his father?

11. Cronus marries his sister, Rhea, who in turn gives him six children. Explain what he does with the children and why.

12. Refer to the image at the top of this post. The two characters on this Greek vase are married. The female is offering the male something of significance. Explain to me what is taking place here.

13. Refer to the second image at the top of this post. Identify the three female characters in the drawing. What was their purpose in Greek mythology?

14. Refer to the third image at the top of this post. Explain the symbolism behind the death of the character lying on his back.

15. Refer to the fourth image...... Why was Uranus so afraid of "these" ( I know there is only one) children?

16. Who is this? Explain her "birth."

I hope you did well! I will see you soon.



Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...