Friday, September 25, 2009


Dear Mythology Kids,

Everyone submmitted their throne and bandage(s). We then discussed the following:
1. Exposition
2. Rising Action
3. Climax
4. Falling Action
5. Resolution/Denouement
6. Conclusion

We discussed why it is important to identify each part of the "Dramatic Stucture."

We also reviewed the importance of "plotting" your ideas prior to writing. This information can also be obtained from the "Make-up Box" in the room. Students were given the assignment of a plotmap.This assignment is due on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1st. Please visit with someone from Mythology prior to checking with me. I am asking you to organize the events of your myth on a "map," so that when it is time for you to begin writing your myth, you will have little difficulty in doing so.

I will look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. Remember to wear old clothes, remove your make-up and jewelry.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 24, 2009

THRONES (and plaster bandages).....

Dear Mythology Kids,

Just a reminder....your Throne is due on Friday, September 24th, in addition to your plaster bandage.

If you missed class on Wednesday, I am so sorry, as you missed the opportunity to work with other students. We reviewed several nature myths that were submitted several years ago. Each example had some problems regarding plot structure, organization, mechanics, and valid connections to Classical Mythology. We discussed ways each myth could be improved.

I look forward to seeing you on Friday.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Your assignment entitled "Nature Myth Part 1"

Dear Mythology Kids,

An authentic ancient Greek theater masks worn during a Greek tragedy performance.

Dear Students,
Let me enlighten you regarding MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st. ......

1. We completed our quiz covering the myths of "Arachne," "Daphne and Apollo," "Io," and "Echo and Narcissus." If you missed class, please be prepared to take the quiz upon your return.

2. We also completed Journal #2 entitled "Melody Time." This journal involved watching a cartoon clip about Pecos Bill, and then identify the aspects of nature depicted in the clip. You can watch the clip upon your return.

3. We then discussed a new assignment that was given entitled "Nature Myth Pt. 1." You will need to collect the instructions from someone in class. In essence you are being asked to create your own nature, and the first step is developing a god. "Nature Myth Pt. 1" is due on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd. The handout/assignment is below. You can copy it as a word document and access it that way.

Name______________________ Period_________________ Score______________
Nature Myth Part 1
We have recently completed reading several Greek nature myths. These include Pandora's Box, Prometheus, Arachne, Daphne, Narcissus, and Demeter. Each of you should have a clear concept that a nature myth was the Greeks' way of explaining aspects of nature that they could not comprehend. You will eventually write your own nature myth. There are three parts to your "Nature Myth" assignment: the written portion is the second part and the performance section is the final part. The following directions relate to the first part of this assignment which is the creation of your god for the nature myth.

Part 1:
You are to create your own god or goddess, as he or she will be the primary character within your nature myth. You can decide if your deity is the protagonist or the antagonist. Please respond to each of the questions below, as this information will be used in the writing portion of your assignment.
1. What is the name of your god or goddess?

2. What is his or her domain?

3. What is his/her symbol? What does the symbol represent?

4. Include special powers or abilities possessed by your god or goddess:

5. What does your deity look like. Describe him/her below and then draw a picture of the god on the back side of this paper. The drawing should be large enough that it is easy to see specific details. You only need to include the face (mask). It is not necessary to draw the god's face using color, but I do request that you label the areas of the face with the specific colors you will be using on the mask. NOTE: THE FACE YOU DESIGN IS THE MASK YOU WILL BE MAKING IN CLASS, and eventually wearing!
Description of god's face:

3. Remember that your Throne and bandage are due on Friday!

4. Don't forget about Parent/Teacher Conferences. They will be held from 3-9 on Wed., Sept. 23rd. I will be in attendance from 3-6p.m.



Thursday, September 17, 2009

We had a "guest" in class today!

Dear Mythology Students,

I hope you enjoyed our "guest" on Thursday, September 17th. I know that many of you were inhibited by Rosie's appearance, but after you realized that she would not harm you, you "warmed" up to her. I like using "Rosie" as a visual aide because she is so frightening, and of course, her appearance is relevant to the myth of "Arachne."

If you missed class on Thursday, September 17, the following is your HOMEWORK:

1. Your "take-home" quiz is due on Monday, September 21st. If you were not in class, in order to obtain a copy of the quiz , you MUST visit with me on Monday, September 21st.

2. Please read the following myths for Monday and be prepared for an "in-class" quiz covering them:

a. "Prometheus and Io" (pgs. 78-81)

b. "Arachne" (from me)

c. "Narcissus" (from me)

d. "Daphne" (pgs. 119-120)


3. Your "Throne" assignment is due on Friday, September 25th.

4. Your bandage is also due on Friday, September 25th. You can purchase the bandage at "Praxair Medical Supply" located at 400 N. Geneva Road, St. F. Their hour of operation are from 5-8 p.m. M-F.

What did we do in class today?

  • We reviewed the myths of "Prometheus," "Pandora" and "Demeter and Persephone."
  • Students were given their "Take-Home" quiz
  • Journal Entries were explained, and students completed their first journal entry entitled "Hope." I asked everyone to respond to the following quote by Freidrich Neiche.

"Hope in reality is the most vile of all evils, because it prolongs the torments of men."

This quote is relevant to the myth of "Pandora."

  • We then read the version of "Arachne" in your textbook, and students were introduced to "Rosie."

THIS IS YOUR PRACTICE QUIZ for "Archne," "Prometheus and Io," "Narcissus," and "Daphne"

Instructions: Please identify either the myth or character based upon the bold/underlined text. With some questions you will be asked to identify the character's Greek and Roman names.

1. "Ah love," he said, looking into the pool, "come forth, whoever you are. Why do you evade me? Why do you disdain me. Somehow you seem to encourage my hopes and desire the hand I offer you. You smile when I smile and cry when I cry. ______________ (you)

2. "She sent a gadfly to plague her, which stung her with madness. "


3. __________________ (her)

4. __________________ (myth)

5. "She was outraged that a simple peasant girl had declared her work superior to that of the goddess."

5. __________________ (girl)

6. ___________/__________ (goddess)

7. "He saw her, and everything ended for her. She was hunting, her dress short to the knee, her arms bare, her hair in wild disarray."

7. _________/___________ (he)

8. _____________ (her/she)

I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Cheers, Crampton

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday, September 15th...This is what you missed....

Dear Mythology Kids,

If you missed class today, I have placed copies of the myths that I gave to each student outside my door. I am working on having the myths converted to jpg files, but in order to do that I need to re-type them. So, you will need to be patient with me. In the mean time, please locate the myths outside my room.

This is an image of Prometheus. He is punished by Zeus for two reasons. The first pertains to a secret that he refuses to share with the King of Olympus, and the second reason relates to a trick that Prometheus plays upon Zeus in order to benefit mankind. Zeus punishes Prometheus by binding him to a mountain range and having an eagle eat his liver each night. It is a never ending punishment.

This is an image of Pandora; the first female created by Hephaestus. She is created to bring pain and havoc upon mankind. She opens a jar that contains all the evils of the world.
This relief depicts the "Rape of Persephone." We have discussed Hades' desire and longing for a companion. He selects Persephone, daughter to Zeus and Demeter, as his wife.

Please read the following myths for Thursday, September 17th:

A. "Prometheus" ( I will give you a copy of this myth)
B. "Pandora" ( I will give you a copy of this myth)
C. "Pandora" pgs. 72-76 in your textbook
D. "Demeter" pgs. 51-55 in your textbook
E. "Demeter and Persephone" ( I will give you a copy of this myth)

  • Plan on a quiz covering the myths on Thursday, September 17th.
  • You were also given your "Throne" assignment. Your throne is due on Friday, September 25th. This can be explained upon your return. Please visit with someone else in Mythology regarding the "Throne" assignment.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Cheers, Crampton

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Greece 2010 and practice quiz...

You could be standing here in 2010!

Dear Mythology Kids,

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend; I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. Those of you who are interested in going to Greece the summer of 2010, please visit with your parents about this opportunity.
If you missed class on Friday, September 11th, we did the following:
1. Presented information on the following gods:
Aphrodite and Ares
2. Please make sure you obtain the information that was presented in class, as your QUIZ on Tuesday will focus on this information.
Instructions: Please select the god that BEST fits each description. You will need to identify the character with both Greek and Roman names. For some questions you will need to justify your response. Some gods may be used more than once.
1. Venerate, Vigil, Valuable, Vigilante, Volume, Viscous...I love words that begin with the letter V. ______________/______________ (both Greek and Roman names)
2. I would make an excellent "shop" teacher. ______________/___________
3. I have a PhD in Statistics. __________/______________
4. I am "President Obama" of the Olympians. _____________/____________
5. I directed a documentary film on master thieves. ___________/____________
6. I would do well working in a floral shop, as the buds would always bloom.
7. War of the Worlds is my favorite film. ____________/___________
8. I always "hit my mark." __________/_____________
9. I am responsible for desecrating a temple. ____________/_____________
10. Justify your response for #9 ____________________________________________
11. A trick was played to woo me, so "love can not live where there is no trust." ______/_____
12. Justify your response for #11. ____________________________________________
13. I failed to ask my wife's mother for her hand in "marriage." _________/_________
14. "Make me the most beautiful land animal." __________/____________
I will see you soon!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What did we do in class today....Wednesday, September 8th, 2009

Athena turning Arachne into a spider

Hera, Queen of the Gods

Zeus, King of the Gods and Sky

Dear Mythology Students,

If you missed class on Wednesday, September 8th, we did the following:
1. Took practice quiz covering the 13 Olympians
2. Took actual quiz covering the 13 Olympians
3. Corrected quiz
4. Started obtaining additional information on all the gods. We completed Zeus, Hera and Athena. When you return to class, you will need to obtain the GREEN handout which is where we are recording the additional information about the gods. The following information was discussed for each:


  • controls all aspects of the weather

  • trick Hera into marrying him by transforming into a cuckoo bird

  • Hera is his second wife
  • Metis is his first wife (she is the mother to Athena)

  • shapeshifts into animals in order to woe women
  • has numerous affairs

  • Just
  • has difficulties in making decisions
  • god of athletes/athletic events were held in his honor


  • Zeus transforms into a cuckoo bird. Hera loves animals, and finds a "cuckoo bird" outside her window trapped in a storm. She brings the bird to her breast and states, "I will love you forever, cuckoo bird, and I swear by the River Styx that I will honor this vow." At this point, Zeus returned to his true form, raped Hera, and told her that she had to honor her vow by marrying him. If you swore by Styx your oath could not be broken.

  • She loves animals.

  • Hephaestus is her son without a father. Hera was angry that Zeus had given birth to Athena without the assistance of a mother, so she gave birth to Hephaestus without a father. He was born ugly and unshapen, so she cast him off Mt. Olympus.
  • Due to Zeus' affairs, Hera takes her anger and frustrations out on Zeus' lovers and children.


  • Zeus swallowed Athena's mother, Metis, because an oracle had informed Zeus that if Metis birthed a son that child would overthrow his father. Zeus felt that he could not risk this, so he swallowed Metis. Athena grew within her father, until one day he experience a terrible headache. Hephaestus, the God of Inventions, sliced open Zeus' head and Athena was born wearing full battle armour and holding a shield and spear.
  • Athena values mankind. She taught them how to create tools, use numbers, create nets, weaving and ships.
  • Athena expected mankind to give gratitude to the gods of Olympus. If they were disrespectful, she punished them. She turns a mortal woman names Arachne into a spider because she failed to thank Athena for her gift. In addition, she said that she was a better weaver than Athena.

  • Athena and Poseidon both wanted Attica as their city-state. The people decided they would select their patron god based upon a gift they offered the people. Athena gave the people an Olive Tree, and Poseidon gave the people a spring of salt water. The people selected Athena as their patron deity; consequently, Poseidon detested Athena.

Monday, September 7, 2009

If you missed class on Friday, September 4th...You missed the Olympians!










10. Note: The artist has added a unicorn purely for effect!
Unicorns are found in Persian Mythology; they have
nothing to do with Classical Myths

Dear Mythology Kids,
I hope you are enjoying the "last weekend of summer!" I have often wondered why we don't actually begin school AFTER Labor Day weekend? Have you ever asked yourself the same question? I'm sure it has something to do with the "180 days of school" rule! Oh well, never mind, at least you were able to sleep in this morning, right? I will look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

For those of you that missed class on Friday, September 4th, we completed the following:

1. We corrected "The Creation" quiz
2. We completed your purple handout detailing the Greek and Roman names, symbols and domains of the gods. Please make sure you obtain this information, as your quiz will focus on ALL of the Olympians and their names, symbols and domains.
3. Each student submitted one copy of "The Handout" assignment, along with a copy of the additional source they used in order to obtain information about their god. The other copy was used in class.
4. Students worked in groups compiling the information they obtain about their god. This information was recorded on a transparency. We will use the transparencies during class on Wed. and Fri. of next week.

PRACTICE QUIZ for "The Olympians" NOTE: I did not find an image of Hades that I felt was accurate. Please be aware of this when taking your quiz. I am having difficulties positioning the images in the body of the text. So, for the time being, you'll need to refer to the top of the post. Good Luck.....
For each image, please identify the Greek and Roman names, one other symbol besides those present in the image, and two of each god's domains. Please following the structure below for your responses.

1. Greek/ Roman Names Symbol Domains

Thursday, September 3, 2009

If you missed class on Wed., Aug. 2nd....

Dear Mythology Kids,

If you missed class on Wednesday, you will need to do the following:

1. Visit with someone else regarding your "HANDOUT" assignment. Each student was given one of the 13 Olympians to research. In addition, I gave each student information regarding their particular god. Your assignment requires that you have a minimum of two sources (I gave one to each student), and then you are to locate another source (Internet, your book, etc.) A valid website is "ENCYCLOPEDIA MYTHICA." This assignment is due on Friday. You should have two copies of your handout. One will be used in class, the other will be given to me. In addition, please make a copy of your additional source (the Internet, book, etc. ), as I want to see the other source you used to obtain information.

COLTEN HENRIE--You missed class on Wednesday. Your assigned god is HERMES/MERCURY. I have placed a copy of the assignment explanation and the information concerning Hermes outside my door. PLEASE COLLECT THEM so that you will be prepared for FRIDAY!

2. I also returned each student's "What is a Classic?" assignment. We discussed the importance of word choice and you were asked NEVER TO USE THE FOLLOWING "Dead Words" again:


3. We also took the quiz covering "The Creation." If you missed class then you need to be prepared to take the quiz the day you return to school. You can take the quiz during lunch or after school.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...