Monday, September 21, 2009

Your assignment entitled "Nature Myth Part 1"

Dear Mythology Kids,

An authentic ancient Greek theater masks worn during a Greek tragedy performance.

Dear Students,
Let me enlighten you regarding MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st. ......

1. We completed our quiz covering the myths of "Arachne," "Daphne and Apollo," "Io," and "Echo and Narcissus." If you missed class, please be prepared to take the quiz upon your return.

2. We also completed Journal #2 entitled "Melody Time." This journal involved watching a cartoon clip about Pecos Bill, and then identify the aspects of nature depicted in the clip. You can watch the clip upon your return.

3. We then discussed a new assignment that was given entitled "Nature Myth Pt. 1." You will need to collect the instructions from someone in class. In essence you are being asked to create your own nature, and the first step is developing a god. "Nature Myth Pt. 1" is due on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd. The handout/assignment is below. You can copy it as a word document and access it that way.

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Nature Myth Part 1
We have recently completed reading several Greek nature myths. These include Pandora's Box, Prometheus, Arachne, Daphne, Narcissus, and Demeter. Each of you should have a clear concept that a nature myth was the Greeks' way of explaining aspects of nature that they could not comprehend. You will eventually write your own nature myth. There are three parts to your "Nature Myth" assignment: the written portion is the second part and the performance section is the final part. The following directions relate to the first part of this assignment which is the creation of your god for the nature myth.

Part 1:
You are to create your own god or goddess, as he or she will be the primary character within your nature myth. You can decide if your deity is the protagonist or the antagonist. Please respond to each of the questions below, as this information will be used in the writing portion of your assignment.
1. What is the name of your god or goddess?

2. What is his or her domain?

3. What is his/her symbol? What does the symbol represent?

4. Include special powers or abilities possessed by your god or goddess:

5. What does your deity look like. Describe him/her below and then draw a picture of the god on the back side of this paper. The drawing should be large enough that it is easy to see specific details. You only need to include the face (mask). It is not necessary to draw the god's face using color, but I do request that you label the areas of the face with the specific colors you will be using on the mask. NOTE: THE FACE YOU DESIGN IS THE MASK YOU WILL BE MAKING IN CLASS, and eventually wearing!
Description of god's face:

3. Remember that your Throne and bandage are due on Friday!

4. Don't forget about Parent/Teacher Conferences. They will be held from 3-9 on Wed., Sept. 23rd. I will be in attendance from 3-6p.m.



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