Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ODYSSEUS, PATROCULS, and the two charcters named AJAX!

Dear Mythology Students,

STOP MISSING CLASS! Missing class is like trying to enter Hades without an Obolus.We completed the following presentations: Odysseus, Patroclus, Ajax, the Greater and Ajax, the Lesser. Please review your handouts.

You were also given a new vocabulary word: ATROPHY
Please visit with someone in class regarding etymology, definition, and synonym.


1. Start reviewing for your "Iliad Quest," which will take place on Wed., March 3rd. There are three sections to the "Quest:"

Character Quotes

A list of events ..... you will need to identify if they took place within The Iliad or The Odyssey

You will see three clips from the movie Helen of Troy. I will mute the sound, and you will need to respond to some corresponding questions for the clips.

2. Please read "Niobe" pgs. 249-250

3. Please read "Pygmalion" pgs. 112-115
NOTE: These myths relate to the characters of Artemis and Aphrodite, and will heighten your understanding of the two goddesses.

4. Remember that Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief is due on March 1st!

Odysseus, King of Ithaca, "inventor" of the Trojan Horse

1."When the moment came to stand by his sacred oath, Odysseus pretended to be mad, as it had been revealed to him in a prophecy that should he go to war, he would not return for twenty years. His duplicity was reveal when Palemedes placed Odysseus' son, Telemachus, in front of the plough. Odysseus avoided the child, proving he was of reasonable mind. He was compelled to join Menelaus' army.

2. "Once at war he proved to be a shrewd and wise general. In Greek myths the idea of the Wooden Horse, which defeated the Trojans and led to the destruction of the city, is Odysseus' idea."

1. "Renowned for his eloquent and persuasive speaking, Odysseus was called upon many times to give advice. Although he fought bravely he preferred strategy to heroics."
2. "...if anything went wrong...the men inside the wooden horse would surely die. Odysseus, as can be readily believed, had not overlooked this fact....he was prepared."

1. same as b2

2. same as b1

PATROCLUS, friend to Achilles

1. "Give me your armor. If they think I am you, the Trojans may pause and the worn-out Greeks have a breathing space. You and I are fresh. We may yet drive back the enemy."

2. "And indeed for a time Patroclus fought as gloriously as that great hero himself could have done."

1."You can wrath while your country men go down in ruin, " he cried to Achilles. "I cannot."
2. Same as B1

1. "Not even for Achilles' sake could he stay longer away from the battle."
2. Same as B1

AJAX, the Greater


1. "So awe inspiring Ajax, a tower of strength for the Greeks, rose and went into battle."

2. "He spoke little and slowly, but he had a good heart and tremendous courage."


Presentation will take place on Thursday


1."He is not wounded in any of the battles described in The Iliad, and he is the only principal character on either side who does not receive personal assistance from any of the gods who take part in the battles. "As such, he embodies the virtues of hard work and perseverance."

2. "They were soon rallied by Ajax, who, next to matchless Achilles, was the best-looking and best fighter of all the Greeks. He charged through the front of the line, fierce as a wild boar in the mountains who easily scatters the hounds and lively young huntsmen as it turns at bay in the glades. So glorious Ajax charged and easily scattered the ranks of Trojans, who had gathered round Patroclus and made up their minds that they were going to win the glory and drag his body into the city."

AJAX, the Lesser (Sorry, I couldn't find an image of him that I liked)


1. "Ajax, not the great Ajax, of course, who was dead, but a lesser chieftain of the same name--tore her from the altar and dragged her from the sanctuary."

2."Not one Greek protested against the sacrilege. Athena's wrath was deep. She to Poseidon and laid her wrongs before him. "Help me to vengeance," she said. "Give the Greeks a bitter homecoming. Stir up the waters with wild whirlwinds when they sail. Let dead men choke the bays and line the shores and reefs."


Presentation will occur on Thursday.


1."Athena herself threw a thunderbolt at Ajax's ship and sank it, but he swam ashore boasting that he had defied the anger of teh gods and escaped with is life."

2. "Yet there you are mouthing off as usual, and there is absolutely no need for it. There are many better men here than you, Ajax."

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hector, Cassandra, and Achilles were the characters discussed on Friday!

Achilles, hit by Paris' arrow

Hector, Prince of Troy, mourned by his wife and son

Cassandra, Trojan Princess, daughter to Priam, sister to Hector and Paris, Agamemnon's "prize of war."

Dear Mythology Kids,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! How was Preference? I look forward to hearing about it when I see you on Tuesday.

You missed the following on Friday:
1. Hector, Cassandra, and Achilles were introduced to you. Check your handouts and visit with another student from class.
2. I returned your Peer Reviews. I have placed them outside my room on the bulletin board. Please take yours home, so that you are aware of the feedback and suggestions given to you. Your 2nd Draft is due on Tuesday.
3. Start reviewing the characters from The Iliad, as your "Quest" is quickly approaching.
4. Continue reviewing your vocabulary works!
5. Please read pages 191-200 of The Iliad located in your textbook for Tuesday.

1. "later Apollo turned against her because she refused his love, and although he could not take back his gift--divine favors once bestowed might not be revoked--he made it of no account, as not one ever believed her."
2. "After the war began, Cassandra continued to predict calamities in store for the Trojans."
1. "Ajax, the lesser, dragged her away, overturning the statue, and raped her on the spot, while the image of Athena turned its eyes away in horror."
2. "It was her fate always to know the disaster that was coming and be unable to avert it."
1. "Cassandra foresaw everything that was to happen. Even her family believed she was mad. In fact, to avoid scandal, her father had her locked away, ordering the women who attended her to report everything that she said."
1. "His glancing helm was everywhere and one gallant warrior after another fell beneath his terrible bronze spear. When evening ended the battle, the Trojans had driven the Greeks back almost to their ships."
2. "Apollo forbade Hector to enter upon a contest with Achilles, but when the two heroes met, they were protected by Apollo and Athena. The Trojans fled, but Hector, although called back by his parents in the most imploring terms, remained and awaited Achilles."
1."If I kill you, I will give you back to your friends and you do the same for me."
2. "My doom has come upon me; let me not then die ingloriously and without a struggle, but let me first do some great thing that may be told among men hereafter."
1. Same as b2
2. Same as b1
1. "Beg no more you fawning dog--begging me by my parents! Would to god my rage, my fury would drive me now to hack your flesh away and eat you raw."
2. "She held the young Achilles by the heel and dipped him in the river Styx; everything the sacred waters touched became invulnerable, but the heel remained dry and therefore unprotected."
1. "If I do not make Hector pay with his life for Patroclus' death, then I can say that I did not help my comrade in the hour when he needed me most."
2. "...an expert with sword, spear, bow and arrow, and he could outrun any horse except his own two immortal stallions. In his flashing armor, forged by the god Hephaestus, he filled the enemy with terror."


We did not complete the presentation regarding Achilles on Friday; therefore, you'll be given the quotes on Tuesday.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The characters of MENELAUS, AGAMEMNON, CLYTEMNESTRA, and IPHIGENIA were introduced to you today!

Dear Mythology Kids,

If you missed class today, we completed the following:
1. Presentations covering Menelaus, Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, and Iphigenia. Please review your handouts and visit with someone from your class.
2. Your homework for Friday is to read pages 185- to the top paragraph on 191 in your textbook. This is the beginning of The Iliad.
3. In addition, please begin reviewing your vocabulary words. You currently have 14 vocab. words; I will give you #15 on Friday. You will soon receive an unusual assignment regarding the words, and if you start reviewing them now, you will obtain unmeasurable success on this future assignment.
4. Remember that your deadline for Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief is March 1st!

Menelaus, King of Sparta/Husband to Helen

1."Hear me also! This touches me most clearly. My mind is that the Acheans and the Trojans should now be reconciled. You have suffered enough this quarrel of mine and Paris. Call his grace, King Priam, as a witness, and we do not wish to violate this old man, he looks both before and behind, to see that the best is done for both sides."
2. " Paris struck first, but Menelaus caught the swift spear on his shield then hurled his own. It rent Paris' but did not wound him. Menelaus drew his sword, his only weapon now, but as he did so it fell from his hand broken. Undaunted though unarmed he leaped upon Paris and seizing him...he would have dragged him to the Greeks victoriously if it had not been for Aphrodite saving him. "

1. "Menelaus and Helen received him graciously as their guest. The ties between guest and host were strong. Each was bound to help and never harm the other. But Paris broke that bond. Menelaus trusting completely to it left Paris in his home and went off to Crete."
2. "Later after Paris' death, the Trojans gave Helen to his brother Deiphobus, in whose house, on the night of the fall of Troy, Menelaus found her. He had meant to kill her on the spot, but her beauty and Aphrodite's power deterred him."

1. "Menelaus saw who was making the challenge and was as glad as a lion coming on the carcass of a wild goat....He stood and looked at his rival with contempt."
2. Same as the second quote for B1..refer to the second quote for B1.

Burial mask discovered by Henrik Scheilmann. Scheilmann thought he had discovered the mask of Agamemnon. He was actually incorrect, as the funeral mask is several hundred years older than the Agamemnon of history.
1. "Artemis was so angry. One of her beloved wild creatures, a hare, had been slain by the Greeks, together with her young, and the only way to create the winds and ensure a safe voyage to Troy was to appease her by sacrificing to her a royal maiden, Iphigenia....He dared the deed, slaying his child to help a war."
2. "Agamemnon, in Greek Mythology, was King of Mycenae, and a commander of the Greek forces in the Trojan War. When the Greeks had assembled at Aulis for their voyage to Troy they were held back by adverse winds. Agamemnon had killed one of Artemis' sacred hares and the young; she was angry with Agamemnon's arrogance, so she caused the winds to blow unceasingly. To punish Agamemnon, she required the sacrifice of his eldest daughter Iphigenia. "
1. ""Agamemnon sent a letter to Clytemnestra and their child, Iphigenia, asking them to come and join them at Aulis, where Iphigenia he said was going to be married to the great Achilles."
2. "He insulted the goddess Artemis by bragging that he was a better hunter than she and by killing a sacred hare. As punishment, Artemis caused the winds to blow so hard that the Greek fleet could not set sail."

1. "Agamemnon had been forewarned about the danger of returning home with Cassandra, yet his pride blinded him and he thought himself invinsible. He was vulnerable because he refused to listen to Cassandra, so Clytemnestra killed him."
2. Same as the second quote for B2
Clytemnestra, Queen of Mycenae, wife to Agamemnon, mother to Iphigenia, sister to Helen of Sparta

1. " She saw no reason to explain her act or excuse it. She was not a murderer in her own eyes, she was an executioner. She had punished and murdered the murderer of his own child."
2. "Dark red stains were on her dress, her hands, her face, yet she herself looked unshaken, strongly sure of herself...It was his blood that stained her dress and face and she was glad."
1: Same quote as b1
2: Same quote as b1
1. Same quote as b1
2. "Here lies my husband dead, struck down justly by my hand."
Sacrifice of Iphigenia, daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra
1. "When she came to her wedding she was carried to the alter to be killed by her father."
2. "She would only send a favorable wind if the king propitiated her by offering up Iphigenia, the most beautiful of his daughters, as a sacrifice to the goddess."
1. Same as B1
2. "Iphigenia was a tragic heroine. She was the first person to have her life flipped upside down because of the Trojan War and it was her death which allowed the Greek fleet to set sail for Troy. Iphigenia was extremely brave and she is the reason why the entire war was able to continue."

1. same as b1
2. same as b2

Friday, February 12, 2010

PRIAM, PARIS and the always junoesque HELEN were introduced to you today!

First day of Iliad Character Presentations

Dear Mythology Kids,

For those of you gone on choir tour, I hope you are having a wonderful time.

For Friday, February 12th we discussed three (four if you are in B4) characters. These included Priam, Helen, Paris and Menelaus( for B4). I am going to wait to post the quotes regarding Menelaus, as I don't have the selections for B1 or B2. I will post the Menelaus info. on Wed. I have included an image of each character below, and the quotes that were chosen by the groups for each class. I would review the quotes for EACH CLASS, as doing so will give you insights into each character, and the QUOTES will appear on your "Iliad Quest."


1. Remember that your Peer Review for your Film Essay is due on Wed., Feb. 17th

Priam, King of Troy, begging Achilles to relinquish the body of Hector

1. "I have endured what no other mortal on the face of the earth has yet endured, to reach forth my hand to the face of him that has slain my sons."
2. " So accompanied the old man past the guards and came into the presence of the man who had killed and maltreated his son. He clasped his knees and kissed his hands and as he did so, Achilles felt awe and so did all the other there....."
1. "Priam was killed by Neopotolemus, the son of Achilles. Achilles had spared Priam, but Achilles' son struck him down before the eyes of his wife and daughters."
2. ""In Greek Mythology, Priam was the last king of Troy, a ruler who witnessed the destruction of his city in the Trojan War. His son Paris caused the war, while another son, Hector, became the greatest Trojan hero during the long struggle with the Greeks."

Paris, Prince of Troy

1. "Hera promised to make him Lord of Europe and Asia; Athena, that he would lead the Trojans to victory against the Greeks and lay Greece in ruins; Aphrodite, that the fairest woman in all the world would be his."
2. "Paris, a weakling and something of a coward, too, as later events showed, chose the last."
1. "Paris himself, who had not fought at all, except to throw his spear, she caught up in a cloud and took him back to Helen."
2. "His single combat with Menelaus, Helen's husband, was suppose to have settled the outcome of the whole war. Instead it revealed Paris as a coward, who only escaped through the intervention of Aphrodite."
1. "In Sparta, Menelaus, husband of Helen, treated Paris as a royal guest. However, when Menelaus left Sparta for a funeral, Paris abducted Helen and also carried off much of Menelaus' wealth."
2. "What men care for most was set before him. Hera promised to make him Lord of Europe and Asia; Athena, that he would lead the Trojans to victory against the Greeks and lay Greece in ruins; Aphrodite, that the fairest woman in all the world should be his. Paris, a weakling and something of a coward, too, as later events showed, chose the last. He gave Aphrodite the golden apple."

Helen, "the face that launched a thousand ships"

1. "Then Priam brought Hector home, mourned in Troy as never another, even Helen wept. 'The other Trojans upbraided me, ' she said, 'but always I had comfort from you through your gentleness of spirit and your kind words. You were only my friend."
2. "The most fascinating things about Helen was her story. It was far better than she was. We do not see any real character development in her and have to regard her as a a pawn of the gods. The larger story is involved with the people around her, their rise and fall. She herself seemed oblivious to the horrors that surrounded her."
1. "If only death had pleased me then, grim death, that day I followed your son to Troy, forsaking my marriage bed, my kinsmen and my children."
2. "Never set food on Mt. Olympus ...never! ---suffer Paris, protect Paris, for eternity....until he makes you his wedded wife---that or his slave. Not I, I'll never go back again. It would be wrong, disgraceful to share that coward's bed once more."
1. "Aphrodite led Paris to Sparta, the home of a Greek prince named Menelaus. Helen, his wife was considered the most beautiful woman in the world. Paris fell in love with Helen and carried her off to Troy."
2. "When Menelaus returned home and discovered Helen gone, he called on the leaders of Greece, who had sworn to support him if necessary. The Greeks organized a great expedition and set sail for Troy. Their arrival at Troy marked the beginning of the Trojan War."

I hope this assists those of you that were not in class on Friday. Enjoy your long weeekn full of EROS!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pre-Reading Strategies for THE ILIAD

Dear Mythology Kids,

If you missed class on Monday, Feb. 1st........

1. Remember that your Five Paragraph Film Essay is due on Monday, Feb. 8th. Please include a copy of your CORRECTED rough draft and then a copy of your FIRST DRAFT.

2. I gave each group some additional information concerning their character. If you missed class, then please visit with me on Wed., so I can give you the information for your character. I asked that the information be read prior to class on Wed.

3. TWO DIFFERENT IMAGES of your character are required on Wed. The pictures need to be at least 5x7 or 8x10 in size and preferably in color. Use "GOOGLE IMAGES" and remember to cite your sources for the pictures.

B1 STUDENTS: Remember that "your" copy of Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief is due back on Wed., Feb. 3rd

What did we do in class?
1. Two new vocabulary words were given during B1 and B4.....PROCRUSTEAN and HERCULEAN. Visit with someone in class regarding definitions and etymologies!

2. I check-off each student's Internet Source for their Iliad character.

3. I thoroughly explained the assignment associated with your Iliad Character. I have included a copy of the explanation below.

4. We worked in our groups organizing information about our character.

Characters”Creating Homer’s

In order to fully grasp any literary work it is essential to gain an awareness of the characters. This assignment will assist you in developing a strong understanding of the primary characters in The Iliad, and strengthen your knowledge of the epic’s plot line.

You and your partner have selected one of the following characters from the epic.
Hector (Andromache/ Astanax)
Achilles (Peleus/Thetis)
Ajax (Greater)
Ajax (Lesser)

Your assignment is to create a visual representation of your character and enlighten us on his/her significant to The Iliad. You will have the opportunity to do this through the use of you textbook (pgs. 185-210) and other sources (the handouts I have provided for you, and the Internet sources found by you and your partner).. In order to successfully complete this assignment, you will need to do some research.

Requirements for visual representation: Part I
Character’s name must appear somewhere on your visual
“Greek” or “Trojan” must also be indicated.
Biography of your character
1.Connection to other characters in the epic
2. Personality traits (interpreted through research)
3. Outcome of the character
4. Death? How? Who was involved?
5. Imprisoned? Why?
6. Concubines? Circumstances?

Five quotes from The Iliad (found within your textbook/pgs. 185-210) and other sources (ones I provided for you and your Internet Information) to indicate personality traits of your character.
* A total of five quotes are required. Three of these quotes must come from your textbook. The remaining two need to come from the other source material that you use for your research.
Two Images of character

5. Neat, organized, thorough, and creative.

Requirements for handout: Part II
A handout is required that details the information in #1-4 mentioned for Part I. The handout will be given to each class member to assist them with remembering the characters in The Iliad.

1. Two pictures of your character must appear on the handout.
2. Character’s name
3. “Greek” or “Trojan”
4. Biography of the character (refer to #3 above)
5. Five quotes from The Iliad to illustrate personality traits.
6. Works cited information (any source which I did not give to you needs to be included in your Works Cited listing)
7. Organized, typed, 12 point font, Times New Roman print.

Presentation: Part III
You will share your “findings” with us. The following are required on the day presentations begin:

1. Copies of your handout for each class member. (I am happy to make copies for you, but I need the original of your handout ONE class period prior to the due date).
2. Your handout saved to a USB drive. In order to project your handout on the screen, I will need to save it to my desktop.
3. The “visual image” of your character.

_____________ Research Day/ Prep Day/ Organizing Information
_____________ Organizing information on handout/ typing handout/ typing information that will appear on visual representation/ visual representation work.
_____________ Handout due if you want me to copy for you/ work day to “tie up loose ends”
_____________ Presentations begin (everything is due even if you don’t present your character)

Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...