Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to "THE CREATION"......Greek Style. that is

Okay, my young friends, I think that I have resolved some of the "issues" I was having with the blog; I appreciate your patience.

Back to the death of Uranus...As mentioned, Aphrodite was created from his severed "parts," and then Cronus grabbed Uranus' head and cut it off. Drops of blood from the head fell upon Gaea and the Furies were born. Yes, they are created from the heinous act of MURDER; yet, their role was far from heinous. They were created to desoy mortaal who committed the crimes of : MURDER, CRUELTY TOWARD PARENTS, CHLDREN, ELDERLY, GUESTS, AND WAYWARD TRAVELERS. This is an ideal lesson in why one should never judge by appearance. Clever, don't you think?
This is a relief depicting one of the Furies.

Now that Uranus is dead, Cronus claims is "right" to rule over his siblings the TITANS. Remember that the condition upon becoming king, was that he would not be a tyrant like his father Uranus. know that history repeats itself and he was far from benevolent.

Cronus has a dream where he is usurped by his children. Due to this, he decides that his children must be "done away with," he swallows all of them but the youngest child, who is Zeus. Rhea tricks Cronus by giving him a rock wrapped in a blanket.

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