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Monday, March 25th, 2013

Dear Mythology Kids,

HAPPY 4th TERM! Can you believe it? This is what you missed today in class! STOP MISSING CLASS!

Runes are the letters of the ancient Scandinavian people. According to myth, the Runes were created by Odin. In his quest to obtain more knowledge, he stabbed and then hanged himself from Yggdrasil. As he was hanging, and of course, bleeding to death, the weight of his body forced dead branches from Yggdrasil to land in Gunnungagap. The branches fell in unusual patterns, hence creating the Runes. Originally, eighteen Runes were created, but as the Scandinavian language changed, more letters were required.

Each Rune represents a letter, has a sound, name, and has magical powers associated with it. Odin touches each of the eighteen Runes, and therefore he is given knowledge that other characters in Norse Mythology do not have. For example, one of the Runes taught Odin how to return from the dead. Another teaches him how to woo women. One Rune gives him the p…

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Dear Mythology Kids,

STOP MISSING CLASS!If you are gone for legitimate reasons, as so many of you were today, then you still need to be prepared to submit your assignments (with coupon) upon your return. Many students missed class today, but they still managed to turn their work in prior to leaving.....ALL OF YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS!  DON'T ASSUME that because you are excused for class that your assignment(s) aren't due until you return. If you have PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of an assignment, then IT IS DUE on the ASSIGNED DUE DATE! FIGURE IT OUT, cute kids! YES, welcome to the world of "adulthood!"

What did I miss?
1. Journal #3 "Norse Review"
For those of you who missed class, you will need to attend Flex on Wednesday, at which time you can complete the journal. It involves looking at images via the projector; therefore, you must attend Flex to complete it.
2. Everyone submitted their annotations for the "Introductory" section in the text. We also discus…

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Dear Mythology Kids, 
STOP MISSING CLASS, and if you do miss class, then FIND OUT WHAT YOU MISSED. Focus on being PRO-ACTIVE!

This is what you missed today!

Norse Mythology are the stories of the Scandanavian people. The Norse were extremely skilled at sea faring; consequently, they were exposed to different cultures. The Norse came upon the Romans, who in turn, hired them as mercenaries. The Roman culture was extremely advanced; consequently, the Norseman adopted some of their belief system into their own culture. This is why when we start to read the myths you will note some strong similarities to Greek Mythology. Remember that the Romans stole their religion from the Greeks. Another important point that you need to know involves the conversion of the Romans to Christianity. The Norseman continued to be influenced by the Roman culture, and therefore they also adopted Christian influences into their mythology, as well.

Everyone of you should have a new textbook…

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Dear Mythology Kids,

" Did I miss anything important?"
"No, we did nothing...nothing at all. In fact, we watched Hercules the entire period!"

If you missed class, visit with someone else prior to communicating with me, my young friends. If you know that you are going to miss class, then please communicate with me prior to your absence. 

1. Part 2 of "The Odyssey" exam was given to each student today. This is due on Friday. I have included it for you below. Please read your instructions, and then let me know if you have any questions. Cut and paste it as a word document, giving yourself ample room to record your answers.