Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Hello, Mythology Kids!
I have missed you! I hope all went well while I was away; I look forward to reading/seeing your Underworld assignments!

Several of you have asked about my Scottish trip, and since Facebook is not an option for us, I have included a few pictures below of some of the places I visited while there. Thanks for asking!

 Edinburgh Castle
 Stirling Castle
The Royal Mile

1. Journal #6: "Hero"
Define the term "hero." Who do you consider heroic and why? What qualities do heroes possess?
We discussed the archetypal Greek hero and the qualities possessed by the hero.

Heroes in ancient Greek were given this title because they experienced what is known as PATHOS, or in other words, they suffered more than other individuals. Through their suffering they became stronger. Mythological heroes experience 6 of the following nine archetypal characteristics!

•1. They are flawed.

•2. They experience PATHOS, or they suffer more than the average person

•3. They are "Born" : There are two types of "births"

•a. They are conceived in an unusual manner

•b. The hero is "born" when they realize that they possess unique traits

•4. They are always assisted by a "goddess" (female character)

•5. They marry/associated with someone that causes them great pain and anguish

•6. They experience what is known as an "IGNITION EVENT." This event is usually, but not always, tragic. It causes them to "ignite" into action.

•7. They are faced with physical and emotional challenges.
•8. Through these challenges they become enlightened (more knowledgeable/physically and emotionally stronger)

•9. Their deaths are usually violent.

NOTE: Heroes experience at least 6 out of the 9 qualities. THE ARCHETYPAL HERO is an individual that possesses these characteristics.

1. UNDERWORLD is due on FRIDAY (both written and visual). PLEASE let me know if you need assistance!
 2. Plan on a quiz covering the information we discussed regarding the nine traits of a hero on Friday!
3. Please read the article I gave you today entitled "The Heroes Adventure." Please annotate and notate the text...5-7/ ALL THE COLORS. Stop by my room to collect the article.

Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...