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Iliad Introduction/ January 19th, 2016 AND January 21st, 2016

Dear Mythology Kids,

Dear Mythology Kids,
TODAY WAS A BAD DAY TO MISS!STOP IT! 1. We completed the sections concerning the introductory material you received on Wednesday. PLEASE make sure you communicate with someone else in class, as the information was on the QUIZ I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following points. You may receive extra-credit if you go through and summarize each of the following sections. IliumAcheans"Sign of Homer's greatness" Apple of DiscordJudgement of ParisNine CitiesSchielmann's Trenchepic
2. Each student received a character from The Iliad to research for Monday. I gave each student information covering his/her particular character. In addition, each student was asked to locate an additional source regarding the character. Both the source that I gave, and the one that students will locate on their own, must be annotated/notated/10/page/ you select the colors/ for MONDAY!

The following students were absent. I have i…