Sunday, January 21, 2018

Creation Practice Quest

Complete  the Practice Quiz

Practice Quiz for Greek Creation Myth

“Let’s review, my young friends.”
1.   1.   “The Greek Creation Myth is intensely masculine and crude.”
Prove the above quote! Offer an example from what you have been introduced to so far for the above text. 
2.      2. One needs to give the ancient Greeks credit for their creative approach in explaining what they could not understand. At this point in the Creation Myth, identify an explanatory element which you found CLEVER! 
3.      3.  Symbolism is used as a continuous literary tool in strong writing. The Greeks LOVED using symbolism to make their audience THINK HARDER! We have only just begun,yet; there are symbolic elements already present the Creation myth. Please identify and explain one.

We completed the following today in class:

1. Creation Myth (the back side of your yellow handout)

  • 1. polytheistic
  • 2. city-state
  • 3. Aesthetic myth/Explanatory myth
  • 4. Mythology and why?
  • 5. Gaea
  • 6. Uranus
  • 7.. Nyx
  • 10. Pontus
  • 11. Aphrodite
  • 12. Furies
  • 13. Cyclopes
  • 14.100 handed ones
  • 15. Titans
  • 16. Atlas/
  • 17.Prometheus/
  • 18. Epimetheus
  • 21. Cronus
  • 22. Rhea
  • 23. Hestia
  • 24. Hera
  • 25. Demeter
  • 26. Poseidon
  • 27. Hades
  • 28. Zeus
The Key to Success....PREPARATION!

"The Creation Myth"....PRACTICE QUIZ!
1.  The two characters on this Greek vase are married. The female is offering the male something of significance. Explain to me what is taking place here. Why is this event so important?

2.. Identify the three female characters in the drawing. What was their purpose in Greek mythology? Explain their symbolism.

3.  What caused Uranus's fear with these (I know there is only one here) children?

4. Explain the symbolism behind the death of the character lying on his back.

I When I see you on Tuesday., we will review, and then take your quiz. Remember to use the practice quiz as a pre-test. You should put all of your information away while you take the quiz. THIS IS CLEARLY AN INTEGRITY ISSUE ON YOUR PART, my fine young friends. In addition, you should print a copy of the quiz as a word document, and be prepared to bring it with you to class on Wed.. We will review for the quiz by discussing the questions on the practice quiz. If you choose to use flashcards on the quiz , you can use a 1/4 of the ones that you complete. DON'T FORGET to review the information concerning your "history lesson." In addition, you will receive questions from "Tell me a Story" (Front of your yellow handout).


Enjoy your weekend!

The following images depict events within the Greek Creation myth. As you consider your assigned image, please discuss the possible symbolism associated with your image.




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