Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Creation Myth!






Dear Mythology Kids,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Although we did not complete our discussion of "The Creation" myth on Thursday, after completing your reading assignments for Monday, August 31st, you should have some cognition regarding how the story ends. When I see you on Monday, we will review, and then complete the myth in class. I wanted to post your practice quiz so that you could start working on it even though we aren't quite finished with our discussion. Remember to use it as a pre-test, so you should put all of your information away while you take the quiz. THIS IS CLEARLY AN INTEGRITY ISSUE ON YOUR PART, my fine young friends. In addition, you should print a copy of the quiz as a word document, and be prepared to bring it with you to class on Wednesday. We will review for the quiz by discussing the questions on the practice quiz. If you choose to use flashcards on the quiz for Wednesday, you can use a 1/4 of the ones that you complete.


1. According to the ancient Greeks, how did formed matter begin?
2. Three "beings" were initially created, please identify them for 2-4.
2._______________ 3.______________ 4.________________
5. Who was Uranus, and what was his greatest fear?
6. Identify his first two "groups" of children and why his wife was so angry with him concerning these children.
7. What characters are created from Uranus' death (in any order)?
7._____________________ 8._________________
9. Describe the Titans to me.............
10. Why is Cronus so willing to destroy his father?
11. Cronus marries his sister, Rhea, who in turn gives him six children. Explain what he does with the children and why.

12. Refer to the image at the top of this post. The two characters on this Greek vase are married. The female is offering the male something of significance. Explain to me what is taking place here.
13. Refer to the second image at the top of this post. Identify the three female characters in the drawing. What was their purpose in Greek mythology?
14. Refer to the third image at the top of this post. Explain the symbolism behind the death of the character lying on his back.
15. Refer to the fourth image...... Why was Uranus so afraid of "these" ( I know there is only one) children?
16. Who is this? Explain her "birth."
I hope you did well! I will see you soon.

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