Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Iliad Characters

Dear Mythology Kids,

"Characters”Creating Homer’s" was explained to you today!

In order to fully grasp any literary work it is essential to gain an awareness of the characters. This assignment will assist you in developing a strong understanding of the primary characters in The Iliad, and strengthen your knowledge of the epic’s plot line.

You and your partner have selected one of the following characters from the epic.Priam
Hector (Andromache/ Astanax)
Achilles (Peleus/Thetis)
Ajax (Greater)
Ajax (Lesser)

Your assignment is to create a Power Point Presentation of your character and enlighten us on his/her significant to The Iliad. You will have the opportunity to do this through the use of you textbook (pgs. 185-210) and other sources (the handouts I have provided for you, and the Internet sources found by you and your partner).. In order to successfully complete this assignment, you will need to do some research.

Requirements for visual representation: Part ICharacter’s name
“Greek” or “Trojan”
Biography of your character
1.Connection to other characters in the epic
2. Personality traits (interpreted through research)
3. Outcome of the character
4. Death? How? Who was involved?
5. Imprisoned? Why?
6. Concubines? Circumstances?

Five quotes from The Iliad (found within your textbook/pgs. 185-210) and other sources (ones I provided for you and your Internet Information) to indicate personality traits of your character.
* A total of five quotes are required. Three of these quotes must come from your textbook. The remaining two need to come from the other source material that you use for your research.
Two Images of character

5. Neat, organized, thorough, and creative.

1. Remember that you will have a quiz on Wed. covering your vocabulary words!
2. The seven sources required for your research assignment are due on Friday. Remember that I will review each of them. YOUR INTERNET SOURCE must be annotated and notated.

Let me know if if I can assist you in any way.


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