Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Dear Mythology Kids,

"What did I miss, Crampton?"

1. We reviewed the archetypal traits and any questions students had regarding interview between Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers. Students then submitted their archetypal traits handout and interview to me. I, in turn, gave them their take-home quiz.

2. JOURNAL #4: The Archetypal Hero in Spiderman
Student viewed two clips from the film SPIDERMAN. I asked that students identify the aspects depicted in the film that are valid examples regarding the archetype.

Students then started on their quiz regarding Perseus and Bellerophon. We did not complete the quiz in class, so time will be given on Thursday.

•Choose a subject for your mosaic and have an overhead transparency prepared of the subject for WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8th. This is an assignment! Your transparency is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday. I gave every student a transparency. I suggest google images for a valid location to look for strong images. Mrs. Gull will make your transparency for you in the copy center, PRIOR to WED. SHE CAN NOT MAKE THE TRANSPARENCY FOR YOU ON WEDNESDAY!

•50 points will be given for each day you come prepared to work on your mosaic. You will be given Friday, Dec. 10th, Tuesday, December 14th and Thursday, December 16th to work on your mosaic in class.

2. We took the quiz concerning "Perseus" in class.

1. Take-home quiz concerning the nine traits of the hero and the interview between Joseph Cambell (mythology expert) and Bill Moyers (NBC corespondent) is due on MONDAY!
2. Mosaic subject on a transparency is due on WED., DEC. 8th.
3. Create a "works cited" page for you mosaic source. If you located your subject from any other source than your mind, then you must reference the source. This is also due on WED.

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