Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

 Dear Mythology Kids,

Your presentations were so well done. I appreciate your attention to detail in sharing the information about your particular characters with us! Your practice quiz for Friday's quiz is located below...good luck!



1. We have never known the benefits of youth. _____________ (we) ____________(hero)
2. I "own" a cement company. ____________ (I) ________________ (hero)
3. "Do you need some thread for your shoe?" _______________(character) ___________ (hero)
4. Because you abandoned my wife, I will make you forget the colors of black and white _____________ (my wife) _____________ (hero)
5. "My love for it is so full of bull." ___________ (associated monster) __________(hero)
6. My son and I are imprisoned in a labyrinth. ________________ (I) _______________ (hero)
7. I excel at creating decoy cows, mazes, and wings. __________( I) ___________(hero)
8. My mother is the guilty party. I am innocent of arrogance towards the gods. __________ (I) _____________ (hero)
9. I taught Achilles the art of warfare. ____________(I) ____________(hero)
10. I helped my true love collect the beauty of Persephone. _____________ (I)
11. I love roller-coasters because I value hanging upside down. __________(I) ____________ (hero)
12. "Nurse" of Contention _____________(nurse) ____________(hero)

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