Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Dear Mythology Kids,
If you missed class today, we reviewed by obtaining information concerning Aeneus and then completing a time-line that helped indicate what events took place within The Iliad or The Odyssey. For those of you on Drama Tour, I will post this information for you tomorrow. I am writing from home, at the moment, and the time-line information is at school.

Please note the quotes for Odysseus, Ajax (greater) and Ajax (lesser) below. I have also posted a brief "practice quest" regarding the quote section of your quest. The images are too large to load. Realize that you have THREE SECTIONS to your QUEST:
1. Quotes: #1-#29
2. Time-line of Events: #30-#55
3. Images: #56-60

Odysseus, King of Ithaca, "inventor" of the Trojan Horse
B1:1."When the moment came to stand by his sacred oath, Odysseus pretended to be mad, as it had been revealed to him in a prophecy that should he go to war, he would not return for twenty years. His duplicity was reveal when Palemedes placed Odysseus' son, Telemachus, in front of the plough. Odysseus avoided the child, proving he was of reasonable mind. He was compelled to join Menelaus' army.
2. "Once at war he proved to be a shrewd and wise general. In Greek myths the idea of the Wooden Horse, which defeated the Trojans and led to the destruction of the city, is Odysseus' idea."
B2:1. "Renowned for his eloquent and persuasive speaking, Odysseus was called upon many times to give advice. Although he fought bravely he preferred strategy to heroics."
2. "...if anything went wrong...the men inside the wooden horse would surely die. Odysseus, as can be readily believed, had not overlooked this fact....he was prepared."
1. same as b2
2. same as b2

AJAX, the Greater
1. "So awe inspiring Ajax, a tower of strength for the Greeks, rose and went into battle."
2. "He spoke little and slowly, but he had a good heart and tremendous courage."
same as B4
1."He is not wounded in any of the battles described in The Iliad, and he is the only principal character on either side who does not receive personal assistance from any of the gods who take part in the battles. "As such, he embodies the virtues of hard work and perseverance."
2. "They were soon rallied by Ajax, who, next to matchless Achilles, was the best-looking and best fighter of all the Greeks. He charged through the front of the line, fierce as a wild boar in the mountains who easily scatters the hounds and lively young huntsmen as it turns at bay in the glades. So glorious Ajax charged and easily scattered the ranks of Trojans, who had gathered round Patroclus and made up their minds that they were going to win the glory and drag his body into the city."

AJAX, the Lesser (Sorry, I couldn't find an image of him that I liked)
1. "Ajax, not the great Ajax, of course, who was dead, but a lesser chieftain of the same name--tore her from the altar and dragged her from the sanctuary."
2."Not one Greek protested against the sacrilege. Athena's wrath was deep. She to Poseidon and laid her wrongs before him. "Help me to vengeance," she said. "Give the Greeks a bitter homecoming. Stir up the waters with wild whirlwinds when they sail. Let dead men choke the bays and line the shores and reefs."
Presentation will occur on Thursday.
1."Athena herself threw a thunderbolt at Ajax's ship and sank it, but he swam ashore boasting that he had defied the anger of the gods and escaped with is life."
2. "Yet there you are mouthing off as usual, and there is absolutely no need for it. There are many better men here than you, Ajax."

IDENTIFY the character from the underlined pronoun. Some characters may be used more than once!

1. He carried his lame and aged father and led his son, Ascanius, by the hand as the battlements burned to the ground. __________________________
2. "Take my armor. I am a man dishonored. I will not fight for men who have disgraced me. " __________
3. "When the Greeks sacked the city of Troy, she was in Athena's temple clinging to her image." _________
4. "A man that cannot live nobly can die nobly.' He drew his sword and killed himself." _____________
5."Not even for Achilles sake could he stay longer away from the battle. ___________________
6."He was brave and bold, but he was most famous for his cunning tricks, not normally associated with heroes." __________________
7. "A haunting net. Death's weapon of attack! And she who hunts is she who shared his bed." ___________
8. "He must stay with the women, and die as a woman, or join the battle with him. __________________
9."She knew that she must die so that the men could battle, although deceived, she bravely went to the alter."________________
10. "The cause of all this agony and death, yet as they looked at her, they could not feel any blame." ____________
11. "He was arrogant, deceitful and incredibly hateful toward the gods, especially Athena." ______________
12. "He took the girl, from Achilles, and therefore caused the destruction of so many." ______________


Your FINAL exam!

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