Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday, October, 2nd, 2014

Dear Mythology Kids,
I hope you have a great weekend! If you missed class, we completed the following:

Journal #2 entitled   "Hope"
1.Please consider the following quote by Friedrich Nietzsche. "Hope is the worst of all evils, because it prolongs the torment of man." "Talk" to me about this. Do you agree or disagree with Nietzsche? Explain why? Possibly you see his point of view, but you also view "hope" as a positive entity, as well. Please support your opinion with a personal example.

2.  We completed a self-assessment for the "Comparison Analysis" and students were asked to take their essay home and correct the sections that needed to be revised. The revision is due on MONDAY!

3. Students were given two additional nature myths...."ARACHNE" and "NARCISSUS." Please annotate each myth using GREEN and one other color of your choice/ 5-7/page for MONDAY! 

4. We completed discussing the "TRUTHS" found within the myths of "Prometheus," "Pandora, " and "Demeter." If you missed class, then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU COMMUNICATE WITH SOMEONE IN CLASS, as what we did in class with be used on a future assignment!

1. Please read "Narcissus" and "Arachne." I gave each student a copy of the myths, but you can also find the in your book! See information above for annotations/notations!

2. Correct your "Comparison Analysis" for Monday!  

Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...