Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dear Mythology Kids,
If you missed class we completed the following:  ICARUS!

1. We completed grading the "Labyrinth" quiz!
2. We then discussed the difference between a mythological "allusion" and a mythological "reference."
3. Students were given the following examples and asked to place them in the "handout" section of their notebook. Copy this as a work document and place it in the "handout section" of your notebook. As a class, we identified the allusions and references found within each section of poetry. Please do the same. If you need assistance, you are welcome to stop by my room during a flex session!
“But soon, too soon the lover turns his eyes;
Again she falls, again she dies.
All alone,
He makes his moan,
For ever, ever, ever lost!
(Bullfinch, Thomas, Bullfinch’s Mythology Library of Congress, Publishing New York, New York. 2004)
“…not that fair field
Where Core gathering flowers,
Herself a fairer flower, than gloomy Pluto
Was gathered, which cost Ceres all that pain
To seek her through the world…
And cause Eden to die…”
(Bullfinch, Thomas. Bullfinch’s Mythology, Library of congress, Publishing. New York, New York. 2004)
“Arachne once, as poets tell
A goddess at her art defied,
And soon the daring mortal fell
The hapless victim of her pride.”
(Bullfinch, Thomas Bullfinch’s Mythology, Library of Congress, Publishing. New York, New York 2004)
“Anne smiled at her.  “There dear friend, don’t be concerned.  You’ve spoken about the weaving women to me often enough. 
Do you think they are spinning me happiness tonight?”
(Foreman, Amanda. Duchess of Devonshire.  Fulbright Publishing, Co. New York, New York 1997)
“I have brought wrath and ruin on thy house!
My heart hath braved the oracle that guarded
That fatal secret from us, and my hand
Lifted the lid of the mysterious chest!”
(Longfellow, Henry W. Poetry of Henry W. Longfellow.  Harper House, Publishing. London, England. 2000)
“…Love, could I see Narcissus lean to kiss
His laughing double in the glassy stream…”
(Terrance, Georgiana. Complete Works of Oscar Wild.  “La Belle Gabrielle.”   Seneca Publishing, Co. Chicago, Ill.  1991.)

4. We continued by discussing the many allusions and references found to Icarus within literature and art.
5. Students then received a new assignment entitled "Mythological Allusions." Students may choose between this assignment and the "Hero Movie," both are due on Wednesday! Please stop by my room regarding the Allusions assignment; it is too large to include here.

1. Choose between the "movie essay" or the "Mythological allusions" due on Wed., December 17th!
2. Remember that another 1/4 of your mosaic must be completed by the 19th!

Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...