Monday, April 26, 2010


Dear Mythology Students,
I hope you had an enjoyable weekend! For those of you who attended Prom, I enjoyed seeing you at the dance. I must say, that I think you "clean up" so well. Basically, you looked junoesque and apollonian.


1. Locate the answer to the following questions concerning the epic poem entitled Beowulf.

1. Who is the Beowulf poet? (Hint: You won't find a name for the poet, but you will discover some information about him in your research.)
2. The original poem was written using what language?
3. Why is the Beowulf poem so valuable?
4. Identify the three monsters destroyed by Beowulf?
5. How does Beowulf destroy each monster?

2. Research the above questions, using the Internet (use "Beowulf Manuscript" or "Beowulf Epic Poem") as your source. Print off a hard copy of your source (or sources, if you need more than one to obtain answers to the five questions), highlighting the answers to the questions within the body of the source.

3. Please read the following myths for Friday. Your QUIZ covering the myths will take place on Friday.

  • "Necklace of the Brisings" pgs. 65- 70

  • "Theft of Idun's Apples" pgs. 38-44

  • "Marriage of Njord and Skadi" Pgs. 44-47

Big Hugs,

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