Thursday, February 18, 2016

QUEST on FRIDAY! 02/18/2016

Dear Mythology Kids,

Remember that your QUEST covering the ILIAD will take place on FRIDAY. There are four parts to your assessment:
1. Timeline Events
2. Character Identification
3. Image Identification (Why is the event depicted so essential to the Iliad's plot progression?)
4. You will see two clips from a film called HELEN of TROY.

How do I prepare?
  • I suggest going back through the images located on the blog that we have used for the character discussions offered in class. Can you identify who and what with each image? Can you also answer the question, "Why is the event depicted so essential to the Iliad's plot progression?)
  • I also recommend that you go through the graphic organizer we have used in class. Make sure you are familiar with each character and their significance to the Iliad and The Odyssey.
  • Make sure you have read The Iliad located in your textbook...pgs. 185-200


Consider the following images. Answer question #1 and #2 for each image.

QUESTION #1: Identify who is depicted in the artwork, and what is taking place.
QUESTION #2: Explain the importance of the depicted event to the Iliad's plot progression and character development.


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