Sunday, September 17, 2017

September 10 th, 12th,18th

Dear Mythology Kids,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend; I look forward to hearing about it on Tuesday.

STOP MISSING CLASS, and if you do, then advocate for yourself. 

The Quest was returned to each student. We discussed the value and importance of integrity. Students then added their points in order to obtain a final score, and then resubmitted their assessment.

1. We then started our discussion regarding the Greek Pantheon (all the gods). Students were given the Greek, Roman, Symbols, and Domains for Zeus, Hera, and Poseidon. I have included the additional information for the gods that were covered on Friday, but the basic information (names, symbols, and domains) needs to be obtained from a peer. Please transfer the information offered to you below to the handout in your "note" section that has 12 different boxes on it, each with an image of one god.

This information is ESSENTIAL, as the gods are the foundational unit to the myths. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU GET WHAT YOU MISSED!

  • Zeus transforms into a cuckoo bird. Hera loves animals, and finds a "cuckoo bird" outside her window trapped in a storm. She brings the bird to her breast and states, "I will love you forever, cuckoo bird, and I swear by the River Styx that I will honor this vow." At this point, Zeus returned to his true form, raped Hera, and told her that she had to honor her vow by marrying him. If you swore by Styx your oath could not be broken.
  • She loves animals.
  • Hephaestus is her son without a father (in some versions) Hera was angry that Zeus had given birth to Athena without the assistance of a mother, so she gave birth to Hephaestus without a father. He was born ugly and unshapen, so she cast him off Mt. Olympus.
  • Due to Zeus' affairs, Hera takes her anger and frustrations out on Zeus' lovers and children

  • God of the Seas
  • Created the horse to woo  his sister, Demeter. In the process created all the "misfit" animals (zebra, giraffe, hippo, donkey, etc.)
  • Gave the horse to Demeter and created the sea horse for himself
  • Earthquakes
  • Loved his domain due to the secrets he could keep in it
  • Had sex with Medusa in Athena's temple; this angered the goddess. To revenge this wrong, Athena turned Medusa into a GORGON. Medusa was punished for Poseidon's wrong, but Poseidon punished significantly for it.
  • Known for his beautiful smile
  • Easily angered 
  • Highly venerated due to the Greeks being sea faring

  • controls all aspects of the weather
  • tricks Hera into marrying him by transforming into a cuckoo bird
  • Hera is his second wife
  • Metis is his first wife (she is the mother to Athena)
  • shape shifts into animals in order to woe women
  • has numerous affairs
  • Just
  • has difficulties in making decisions
  • god of athletes/athletic events were held in his honor/wore "crown" of oak leaves
  • Punishes Prometheus for creating mankind 
NONE! Just make sure you are in class on Tuesday. 

Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...