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Thursday, March 16th, 2017

Dear Mythology Kids,
Hooray! Welcome to your final term of high school. I am here to help you. Please let me  know what you need, so that I can help you, and you can end with "flying colors!" 

This is what we completed....
1. We started the "history lesson" regarding the Minoans and the Myceneans.
2. Students then watched a 20 minute History Channel regarding the Minoan civilization. If you missed class, I can share the link with you.
3. Please communicate with the a friend from class, so you return on Monday caught up.

NONE! You will have an assignment on Monday, so please make sure you are in class.


Did I miss anything?
No, we did nothing! We never do anything in class! Of course you missed something!  We started discussing the history behind our next hero called THESEUS!
What do I need to do?
Stop by the room and collect the "storyboard" that outlines all the informa…

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Dear Mythology Kids,
Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your long weekend, and those of you that participated in choir/band/orchestra/drama tour, I hope you had a wonderful time.

YOU HAVE NO HOMEWORK FOR FRIDAY, but you will have an assignment for given to you on FRIDAY, that is due on TUESDAY; please don't miss class, my young friends. ALL missing work is due on FRIDAY, in addition to your HW Coupon. 

Dear Mythology Kids,
I hope you have a great Fall Break! If you missed class, we completed the following:

1 Students were given schema regarding the "Oedipus" myth. This information was recorded on the back of the "Greek Drama" handout. The following images were used to guide students through offering schema. If you missed class, please communicate with a friend.

1. If a person is not taught that something is wrong, and then they commit that crime, are they guilty? Explain.
2. Do you believe in fate or choice? Explain.

The above questions are pocket cards #7/ #8...…

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Dear Mythology Kids,
TODAY we focused on ANALYSIS! You have a strong understand of the pantheon, Hades, and the myths associated with the gods. At this point, my young friends, you can explain to an audience how the use of mythology assists a reader in understanding meaning!  

For those of you on tour, THIS IS DUE UPON YOUR RETURN. The majority of you communicated with me prior to your departure, so you have schema on what we did in class. For those of you that did not, PLEASE START ADVOCATING FOR YOURSELVES! The analysis that you wrote did in class is due on Wednesday! 

What "truth" or theme  is Rosetti attempting to convey regarding Pandora as a symbolic character in this poem "Pandora?"


Dante Gabriel Rosetti

What of the end lady? Was it line the deed that 
set the fiery pinions free? Wherefore upon 
Jupiter's demand that Vulcan male thee so divine?