Thursday, January 8, 2009

Perseus is a STUD!

Dear Mythology Kids,

Don't you think Perseus is a strong character? I like him! I hope you enjoyed the myth, as his character is different from most of the other Greek heroes we will study. I have included some images of the myth, and then your practice quiz is located below the pictures. At this point in our relationship, you should know the "routine" with your practice quizzes without any question. I look forward to seeing you on Friday.

This image depicts Perseus vowing to bring the head of Medusa back to Polydectes.

Athena coming to assist our hero.

The "death" of Medusa. Can you identify what is incorrect with this piece of artwork?

Practice Quiz: Identify who is being referenced or alluded to in the colored text for questions 2-9. Respond to the questions located below the quoted text. Some explanation may be required. (16 questions, each worth 1/2 point, so your total could be 8 extra-credit points)

1. Identify what is incorrect in the above sculpture.

2. "As she sat there through the long days and hours with nothing to do, nothing to see except the clouds moving by overhead, a mysterious event took place."

a. Identify the "she." ____________________

b. Why would "she" have "nothing to do?" Explain this to me......

c. What is the "mysterious event" that took place?

3. "In that strange boat, she sat with her little son. The daylight faded and she was alone on the sea."

a. Explain why this "boat" is "strange."

b. Identify the "little son."

4. "He probably told him that he would rather have the head of one of them than anything else in the world."

a. Identify the "he."

b. Who is being referenced with "head of one of them."

c. Why is this conversation taking place?

5."This radiant personage told him that before he attacked, he must be properly equipped, and that what he needed was in the possession of the Nymphs of the North."

a. Identify the "radiant personage."

6. "These women dwelt in land where all was dim and shrouded in light."

a. Identify the "women."

7. "Another deity was at hand to help. She took off the shield of polished bronze that covered her chest and handed it to him."

a. Identify the "deity" and "she."

b. What is the "shield of polished bronze called?"

c. Why is it so important for our hero to receive this gift?

8. "He found a lovely maiden had been given up to be devoured by a horrible sea serpent."

a. Identify the "lovely maiden."

9. "An absolute certain way in those day to draw down on one a wretched fate was to claim superiority in anything over a deity."

a. Explain this quote to me. Who is being punished and for what purpose?



Your FINAL exam!

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