Tuesday, January 6, 2009

WELCOM BACK.....Let's talk about being heroic!

Dear Mythology Kids,

I hope you had a wonderful break! Remember that your mosaics are due on Tuesday, Jan. 13th! I hope you made the choice to work on your mosaic over the holiday!


1. The nine characteristics of the archetypal hero. You were given these in class on Monday. Make sure that you are extremely familiar with each of them, as they will be part of your quiz.

a. Pathos: the hero experiences a significant amount of suffering, and this is why he is considered heroic.

b. Birth: There are two types of "birth." The first type of birth pertains to an unusual conception. The second "birth" takes place when the hero recognizes that he possesses skills that are above the norm. In essence he has an "aha" moment!

c. They are flawed, and must do their best to overcome these errors in their character.

d. They are always assisted by a "goddess."

e. They marry or have a relationship with an individual that causes them significant pain, both physical and emotional.

f. They are always faced with physical and spiritual challenges.

g. They become better or "enlightened" through the challenges that they must overcome.

h. Deaths are always violent.

2. Make sure you read the article that I gave you entitled "The Hero's Adventure." Pay special attention to the following aspects, as they will be part of your quiz.

For extra-credit on your "official" quiz, you are welcome to answer the following questions. Just print off the questions, and record your answers. Do not use your notes, as this is a practice quiz. This is clearly an "integrity issue" on you part, my young friends.

a. Why are there so many stories involving heroes?

b. There are two types of deeds that a hero undertakes. Identify the deeds, and then define them.

c. Why does Joseph Campbell consider women and children to be heroic?

d. According to the article, what is Campbell's explanation for the Dragon?

e. Why are flaws significant to the hero?

We will begin with Perseus on Wednesday. Due to our presentations concerning the lesser gods and monsters of mythology, you already have some schema regarding the heroic journey of Perseus.

Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...