Saturday, March 28, 2009

Inroduction to Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology is the stories of the Scandanavian people. The Norse were extremely skilled at sea faring; consequenlty, they were exposed to different cultures. The Norse came upon the Romans, who in turn, hired them as mercenaries. The Roman culture was extremely advanced; consequenlty, the Norseman adopted some of their belief system into their own culture. This is why when we start to read the myths you will note some strong similarities to Greek Mythology. Remember that the Romans stole their religion from the Greeks. Another important point that you need to know involves the conversion of the Romans to Christianity. The Norseman continued to be influenced by the Roman culture, and therefore they also adopted Christian influences into their mythology, as well.

Dear Mythology Kids,

Everyone of you should have a new textbook, and a "packet" of handouts that will be used during the next two weeks. Your homework assignments for Monday include the following

1. Plesae read pages xx-xxiii in the "Introduction" section of your book under the heading "Cosmology.

2. Complete your flashcards for the first 12 words indicated on your "flashcard" handout. This is the bright green handout.

3. Be prepared for a quiz on Monday covering the information that was shared on Thursday.

Norse Mythology is difficult to fully explain in this forum, but I will do my best.......In the beginning, there is no formed matter that exists. This enormous chasm of unorganized matter is called GUNNUNGAGAP! To the north of Gunnungagap is an immense area of frozen ice. This area is called NIFLHEIM

To the south of Gunnungagap is an immense region of heat called Muspelheim. Nothing exists but these two regions.

Suddenly these two regions begin to move closer together. The heat from Muspelheim causes the ice from Niflheim to melt and droplets of water land in Gunnungagap. Some how and I don't know exactly how this happens, and neither did the Nordic people, so you just have to accept it, two important beings are created at the same enormous man called Ymir, who is also called a "frost giant" and a cow whose name is Adumla. I know, it's a little unusual.

Ymir begins to suck on the teats of Audumla, so she is nourishing this evil frost giant, and then he begins to "give birth" to other frost giants. As he is sucking on the teats of the cow, Ymir begins to sweat and his sweat morphs into other giants. In the mean time, Audumla begins to lick some of the ice from Niflheim that did not melt when Muspelheim moved close to it. Every place her saliva touches the ice a human form is created from the ice. You can see this depicted in the image above. The individual that is created from the saliva is known as BURI. He is entirely positive. He, in turn, gives birth to two individuals; their names are BOR and BESTLA. Bor is a male and Bestla is a famale. These two have three children whose names are Odin, Vili, and Ve. Odin becomes the king of the Norse Gods because he is recognized as the "first born."

OH......Sorry guys I am having major computer problems. My screne is informing me that I am short on memory. So, I must say good-bye to you. Please visit with someone in class. You could even look the following information up on Google: Gunnungagap, Muspelheim, Niflheim, Ymir, Audumla, Buri, Bor, Bestla, and Yggdrasil. I hope that I've given you enough information that you won't be too confused.

Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...