Thursday, October 22, 2009

7 a.m. REVIEW SESSION....Monday, October 26th

Don't forget to attend the 7 a.m. review session on Monday, October 26th. If I'm the only individual in my room on Monday at 7 a.m., then "HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE KORI CRAMPTON SCORNED!" Ha

"Luck favors the mind that is prepared."

Hello, Mythology Students,

The above quote is by Louis Pasteur. If you aren't familiar with Pasteur he was the French scientist credited with identifying the science of Microbiology. He also discovered a cure for Rabies. He clearly was a clever gentleman, and I would agree that his quote has merit!
-Louis Pasteur-
Are you PREPARING for your exam? I hope that you have made the choice to complete your review and now you are looking at the example questions that I have included on the blog. If so I am proud of you. I have no doubt that you will you succeed on the test. Good luck on the following set of images.

1. What is being depicted in this ancient sketch. You should mention the male
and female by name.

2. Identify this lovely lady. The fruit she is holding is a strong clue as to her identity.

3. What is taking place in this sketch. In your response, you will need to identify the female character.

4. Who is this Greek god (Greek and Roman names, please).

5. I LOVE THIS PAINTING, because I feel the artist truly captures the emotion behind this myth. Identify the three individuals in this image; two are female, one is a male. Notice that the male is carrying one of the females, and that the other female has her arms stretched out, as if she is anxiously anticipating the second female's return.

6. Identify this Greek god (Greek and Roman names, please).

7. Who is this character? Please include both Greek and Roman names. What were his domains?

8. Identify the human character in this sketch (Greek and Roman names, please).

9. Who is this Greek god? In addition, explain the myth concerning the symbol depicted behind her.

10. What is this? Identify the characters associated with this symbol and in what capacity. How is this ancient symbol relevant to people living in the 21st century?

I will look forward to seeing you on MONDAY (at 7 a.m.)!
Best Wishes,

11. Identify this character. Explain why he is in this unfortunate circumstance.

12. Identify this god (Greek and Roman names, please.)

13. Don't you think this is a fabulous stamp! You are familiar with the character on the right of the stamp; please identify him. The other character's name is Marsays, and we have not yet extensively discussed him.

14. Identify this character, and then explain her story. You should mention two gods in your response, one is a male the other female.

15. Please explain the creation of the horse. This horse does not have wings. You should mention two gods in your response.

MORE TO COME.........

I am happy to give you extra-credit if you choose to "take on" the role of a Greek character we have studied as your Halloween persona. Take a picture, and then send me a copy of it; it's that simple. If you need some ideas, please feel free to ask me....happy creating!

This is your third section of images.

16.Identify this Greek character.

17.Explain what has just taken place in the above sculpture. You should mention two characters by name (use Greek and Roman).

18. Identify the primary Greek/Roman Character in the above sculpture.

19. This would not have been a pleasant experience for the women in the painting. Who are these two individuals? Why is this event taking place? In your response you should mention a female character that is not present.

20. Who is this character?
I will post another set of images on Monday!
Enjoy your weekend.

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