Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It is now your turn to be on a "Greek" stage!

Dear Mythology Kids,

If you were not in class today, then you have a problem! Your myth and rough draft were both due today! You have ONE OPTION:

1. Submit the rough draft and two copies of your myth on MONDAY WITH YOUR HOMEWORK COUPON! I will not accept your myth without the coupon, as your assignment was due during class. Yes, I know that Monday is an A day, but I need your myth in order for you to complete the next assignment associated with your Nature Myth. This new assignment will be explained and given on Tuesday! I NEED YOUR MYTH PRIOR TO TUESDAY!


1. New vocabulary word: MERCURIAL=Quick to change (often used to describe personality); etymology refers to Mercury (Hermes) who is recognized for his hyperactive nature; synonyms: inconstant, variable, volatile, moody

2. Completed "Antigone" Quiz/ Please prepare to take this quiz upon your return

NATURE MYTH Part 3 Explained

As you know, Sophocles was the greatest of Greek tragedians. He was recognized by the people of Athens as a "master," and Homer even referred to him as the "greatest man." Both accolades make sense because he was able to affect people with his choice of words.
In essence you have been asked to do the same for your nature myth performances. I realize that we may not weep, but more likely laugh when we see you present your myths, but the concept of taking a myth and developing it into a form of drama is a valuable experience for you. Remember that this was one of the ways that the ancient Greeks shared their myths with others.

Upon completion of the "Antigone" quiz, "Nature Myth Part 3" was introduced to you. Each student is working in a group, and each group has selected a nature myth from a member in that group, to perform as their nature myth. I have listed the groups below, so that you are aware of the individuals you will be working with on Tuesday, the 20th and Thursday, the 22th. Remember that your performances will take place on Monday, the 26th.

Please bring a flat sheet (yes, as in bed sheet) to class on Tuesday. Twin sheets are not large enough for any stature.



  • Tiffany, Chris, Rachel, Suzie, Tyler W., Tanner, Tori


  • Melissa, Sierra, Kalee, Colten (daisy), Michelle, Kim, Nichole

Group #4

  • Samantha, Tyler A., Braden Lillie, Jonny, Andrew, Kynia

Group #5

  • Rebekah, Hannah, Hyrum, Ceri, Celeste, Jake

Group #6

  • Mandy, Kacee, Lisa, Braden Lanham, Aushel, Alysha


Group #1

  • Shae, Victor, Spencer, Morgan, Lexin, Jordan W.

Group #3

  • Carson, Jenni, Daniel, Cody, Lillie, Beatriz, Kaitlyn

Group #4

  • Laura, Olivia, Kirsten, Cody, Jeff, Cortney

Group #5

  • Richie, Karlie, Tanner, Derek, Bradyn, Carrie

Group #6

  • Chelsea, Devin, Brittany, Eric, Casey, Jordan G., Kristen


Group #1 Camlyn, Andy, Megan, Brittany, Kelly, Ashley, Shelby.

Group #2 Cody, Katie M., Miranda, Jen, Amy, Sheree.

Group #3 Vienne, Brooke, Jeff, Kendra, Tyson A., Natalie Batty.

Group #4 Disloved and Abolished

Group #5 Carmen, Janae, Elisa, Emily, Jori, Natalie Border.

Group #6 Eric, Jacob, Thad, Katie, Taylor, Allen, Alyssa.

Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...