Friday, October 8, 2010

ANTIGONE, the courageous daughter of OEDIPUS, was introduced to you today!

If you missed class on Friday, October 8th we accomplished the following:

1. I introduced the myth of "ANTIGONE" (pg. 273). MAKE SURE YOU READ THE MYTH! "Antigone" is the companion piece to "Oedipus." It is the myth of what happens to Oedipus after he blinds himself and is banished from Thebes. Antigone is the oldest female child of Oedipus and Jocata. We read the myth in class, and then started reading the play "Anitgone" by Sophocles together. We did not finish reading in class, so make sure you have read the blue copy of the play by Tuesday.  YOU WILL HAVE A QUIZ OVER "ANTIGONE" ON TUESDAY. It was originally written as a myth, and then retold as a drama by Sophocles.  It is a story about doing what is honorable and just, even when you are the only individual who has the courage to behave with such fortitude. Please make sure you are familiar with the characters of Creon, Haemon, Antigone, Etoecles, Polynieces, and Ismene for your quiz.
2.  We viewed a clip from Oedipus performed by the London Shakespeare Company. I shared this with everyone as a review.
3. We then proceeded to read the "Antigone" myth, followed by the dramatic version of the myth.
4. Everyone submitted their plot maps. I can't wait to read them!
1YOUR QUIZ covering "Oedipus," Greek theater and "Antigone" will take place on TUESDAY. PLEASE STUDY for your quiz. Yes, you are welcome to make flashcards.
The literary tool of irony is significant to the plot of "Oedipus." As part of your quiz on Thursday, you will respond to ONE of FOUR quotes. I will ask that you explain the irony of the chosen question in relationship to the plot of Oedipus. Your response must be thorough. Responding with, "This section is ironic because Oedipus does not realize Laius is his father," is not detailed enough. You will need to explain ALL the circumstances behind the quote that you "pull from the bag." You will not be able to use your textbook or notes for the quiz. This is why you must READ YOUR MYTH, my fine young friends! You do have access to the questions, as they are below, and you can consider a strong response for each one.

1. "He left his home, Corinth, where he was held to be the son of the king, Polybus, and the reason for his self exile was another Delphic oracle. Apollo had declared that he was fated to kill his father."

2. "...whoever had murdered King Laius must be punished. Oedipus was relieved. Surely the man or men could be found after all these years, and they should know well how to punish him."

3. He spoke to his people..."Let no one of this land give him shelter. Bar him from your homes, as one defiled, companioned by pollution. And solemnly I pray, may he who killed wear out his life in evil, being evil."
4. "No one suffered more than Oedipus. He regard himself as the father of the whole state; the people in it were his children; the misery of each one was his too."

1. You will be given a list of word associated with Greek theater. Your quiz will require that you explain Greek drama using the list of words that you select. The best way to prepare for this portion of your quiz is to MAKE FLASHCARD!

Instructions: Please identify the speaker or character referenced by the BOLD text.

1.You consider it right for a man of my years experience to go to school to a boy?
2. His bride in the house of the dead.
3. "You will grant me this..... one wish to bury my body in Thebes. I wish to always be a part of the land I love."
4. Which laws were stronger, those of morality or politics? For her, there was no question."
5. "You can't do that! It would be against the law. I don't have the strength to help you."
6. "Double the watch ! I want to find out who dared disobey me."
7."IT is not right if I am wrong, But if I am young, and right, what does my age matter?"
8. "I beg you, do not be unchangeable."
9. "This last flower of Oedipus' line drank the sunlight! Yet now a passionate word and a handful of dust have closed up all its beauty."
10."Before the sun sets this day, you shall pay twice. Yes, there will be two more corpse in return for one! And their blood will be on your hands."

I will look forward to seeing you on Thursday! Please don't miss class!

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