Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Final Exam Explained Today and "Ragnorok" initiated

Dear Students,

If you missed class today, your "Final Exam" was introduced to you. I have included a copy of the explanation for it below.

FINAL EXAM DUE DATE: MON., MAY 27th for B1 and B2
FINAL EXAM DUE DATE: WED., May 31st for B4
  • Final Exam ExplanationMythology
    Mrs. Kori Crampton
    Due Date __________________

    Consider the following questions?
    What have you learned this year?
    How has your study of Mythology heightened your understanding of popular culture, literature and the world around you?
    Explanation: As discussed on numerous occasions, mythological allusions and references are frequently found in modern culture. Through a knowledge of mythology, one’s understanding of literary work and popular culture increases.
    You are required to select five of the ten options listed below to illustrate your understanding of mythology. You may use examples connected with either Greek or Norse Mythology.

    1.Advertisement using mythological reference and/or allusions.

    2.Album covers using mythological references and/or allusions.

    3.Book title using mythological references and/or allusions.

    4.Vocabulary word used in literary work.

    5. Reference or allusion within a literary work.

    6. Comic strip/cartoon using mythological references and/or allusions.

    7. Company names or insignias using mythological references and/or allusions.

    8. Norse motifs found in other literary work.

    9. Artwork with mythological references and/or allusions.

    10. Errors pertaining to any mythological character/concept found in advertising literary work.

    The following requirements are compulsory:
    1. A hard copy of each example (photo copies will suffice if your example is found in a book).

    2. The Internet may not be used to locate your examples.

    3. For each example provided, an explanation must also be included as to why the mythological reference/allusion is an appropriate choice. What is the point of using mythology in advertising? For the book title? Etc.

    4. The explanations need to accompany the hard copy of your examples. I expect them to be 10-20 sentences in length. Assume your audience has no schema regarding the mythology used in the selected examples; therefore, your explanations need to be thorough.

    5. You may not repeat mythological references and/or allusions. So, if you locate an allusion to Pandora in a cartoon, then you can’t include an example regarding Pandora for another option.

    6. You may not use examples shared with you in class (ie. “Apollo Burger”, “Midas Muttler”, “Nike”, “Ajax Cleaner”)

    7. Your exam needs to be submitted in an aesthetically pleasing way. Each example should be mounted on a piece of cardstock with the corresponding explanation on the opposite page. Page protectors are appreciated, but not compulsory. I would suggest a three ring binder purely for organizational purposes!

    8. A title page needs to be included with the following information.
    Your Name
    List of options you selected for your final exam.
I have several examples that I shared with those that were present on Monday. Unfortunately, I can't use the images here, because they are from a power point. I am happy to share the examples with you when you return.

1 Please read the following Biblical verses.
  • Rev. 6:12-15
  • Rev. 8:7-10
  • Rev. 21:5-6
  • March 13:, 22-26
2. Please read "Ragnorok" and notate using the Biblical verses as your catalyst

3. Locate FOUR images that you can connect with "Ragnork

4. Final Exam! Please start preparing for it NOW!

5. Journals Due on Thursday!


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