Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Dear Mythology Kids-HAPPY NOVEMBER 1st, cute kids!

If you missed class......YIKES! "What did I miss, Crampton.'
"Oh, let's see...EVERYTHING!"

Introduction to the monsters, lesser gods and heroes of Mythology

Dear Mythology Students,

1. You were introduced to a research assignment regarding the lesser gods and monsters of Mythology.

Note: Each student selected TWO-FOUR characters that are their research subjects.


. 1.Depending on your chosen characters, each student will locate information at home via the Internet. Please DO NOT USE Wikipedia as a source. I would suggest ENCYCLOPEDIA MYTHICA as a stronger option. Some students elected to work with a partner, while others wanted to work independently. Which ever choice was made, two-four characters are the focus for the research. PLEASE PRINT OFF the INTERNET sources that you found useful in providing information about your characters. YOU NEED TO ANNOTATE and NOTATE each source with a total of 5-7/page using ORANGE! I will look at your Internet sources THURSDAY.

2. Compile a list of the points you found interesting in association with your characters. Please type the list using MLA format.

3. Please include a works cited page indicating your Internet source(s).

Your assignment is due at the beginning of class on Thursday. We will go to the library so that you can extend your research.

ERICA- You are working with Cameron and Becky and your characters are the Hesperides/Draco Ladon and Nessus

AUTSIN-You are working Sydney and your characters are the Eurymanthian Boar, Cerynian Hind and the Stymphalian Birds


Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...