Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Dear Mythology Kids,
If you were late for class, or you missed entirely, please be aware of the following information:

1. Olivia....Hector
2. Tanner...Clytemnestra
3. Danny J.....Paris
4. Darion....Paris

1. Each student decided who they wanted to "partner" with for this particular assignment. (There are actually three students in each group). In order to grasp The Iliad, it is essential that we understand the characters. I gave each student a credible source, and asked  that they ANNOTATE that source for "HOW DOES THIS CHARACTER RELATE TO THE ILIAD?"  In addition, each student was asked to locate an additional source (internet, textbook etc). regarding his/her Iliad character.  Please DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA. I suggest a website called "ENCYCLOPEDIAMYTHICA. COM." 

If you missed class, you will need to stop by my room to receive a copy of the source I have for you regarding the particular Iliad character that you are researching for class. BOTH SOURCES NEED to be annotated and ready for THURSDAY. 

2. Students submitted the "Underworld" written portion today. If you missed class, please submit it electronically.

3. We completed the "Mythological Allusions" quiz. Please visit with me about coming in during Consultation Time to finish it.

4. We then began our introduction to The Iliad. Students have a graphic organizer in their notebook (orange in color), which we used to help keep the information organized. The following images were used to help guide the discussion. Please communicate with a friend regarding the info you missed.


1. Read and annotate the source that I gave you in class for your particular character.
2. Locate an additional source regarding your character. Please do not use Wikipedia.
3. Underworld visual is due on Thursday.


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