Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Dear Mythology Kids,

STOP MISSING CLASS! If you are sick, then please stay home and take
care of yourself. If you are missing class for school related reasons, then
please COMMUNICATE WITH ME BEFORE you leave. If you are 
missing class because you can't pull yourself out of bed, then STOP!
STOP! STOP! STOP! You need to go to bed earlier, set multiple
alarms, and then get yourself to class, cute kids! Advocate for
yourself in finding out what you missed! I expect you to 
be prepared when you return to class on Friday! 

What did I miss?

1, Everyone  took a "practice question" for the quiz on Friday. Each student present received 10 XC points. I suggest you look at the question, so you have some idea of what you missed. It is located on the previous post. If you missed class, you will not receive XC, but you can still have some idea of what of what to anticipate for Friday's quiz. ALL of your questions will involve IMAGES or some form of multi-media associated with THE ILIAD. The best way to study is to make sure you read pages 189-192, obtain the information you missed last class period from a friend (Have them share it with you verbally. DO NOT COPY THE INFORMATION), and review the storyboard we have been working on in class.

NOTE the additional practice quiz below! 

 2. You missed a vocabulary word.....CUPIDITY! Please have someone in class EXPLAIN the word to you.

3. We then proceeded to go through the following characters:

The above characters and then  Helen and Priam constitute your quiz on FRIDAY.


1. Please read "The Trojan War." You have this in your notebook; it is a light yellow handout that details what you already know, and then takes your knowledge a step further. Please annotate/notate the information.....10 for the front page....7 for the back may use any or all of your colors.
2. PREP for your QUIZ!  

Practice Quiz: 
Identify the character(s) referred to in the underlined text. Some questions will require greater explanation. Please do not use your notes, as that would be an integrity issue. Use this as a per-assessment, my young friends.

1 "....and he entered a friend's dwelling stealing away a woman."  
1__________ (he)_2__________(friend's)__3_________(woman) 
4. "The face that launched a thousand ships." 
__________ (the face)
4. Explain the allusion in #4.
5. "I kiss the hand of the man that has killed my sons." 
5._____________ (I)6. ___________ (man)
7."He angered the goddess with his arrogance and vanity."
_7________ (he) __8__________(explain "arrogance and vanity.")
9. "Venerable sir, it takes great courage to enter here, and kneel before me."
__9_____________(venerable sir....why use the word "venerable?"
10. "She was no murderer, but an executioner."
10.___________ (she)
11. If 11.I must kill my 12.child, the joy of my house, to progress a war, then I shall."
11. _______________ (I) 12________________ (child, joy of my house)

I look forward to seeing you on Friday! 

Your FINAL exam!

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