Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

Dear Mythology Kids,
If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. You were given two additional vocabulary words:
Please communicate with a friend, or look the words up on your own. I bet you could figure out the etymologies and definitions purely because you have schema.

2. We finished reading "Antigone." Please complete reading the text on your own. It will appear on your final exam.

3. You were introduced to HADES! Each student was given a graphic organizer to help keep the information clear. Please stop by my room and obtain the handout, and then visit with one of your friends in relationship to the information. DON'T COPY THE INFORMATION. HAVE YOUR FRIEND EXPLAIN IT TO YOU!


If I were to ask you to envision Hades, especially now that we have discussed its varying aspects, how would you describe it? This picture is an artist's concept of the entrance to Hades. He clearly DOES NOT know Hades as well as he should. Remember that only a part of Hades was Saturnine, and that of course was Tartarus.

If you missed class today, we discussed the Greek underworld of Hades. Several images were shared with you in relationship to the areas we discussed. I have attempted to include some of the images for you below.

1.  Please read "Tantalus" pgs. 248-249
2. Please read "Sisyphus" pg. 312
3. Annotate and Notate the above two myth, using a seperate sheet of paper for your points. You may use any of the colors. You will need 7-10 annotations/notations TOTAL for both myths.
2. Please read "Orpheus and Eurydice" pg. 107 in your text. This myth illustrate how just Hades actually was.Annotate/Notate the myth. You need a total of 15-20 annotations/notations total...you may use ALL your colors.

The following pictures should give you greater insights into some of the aspects we discussed on Tuesday. Please make sure you obtain the information from someone else in class BEFORE you return.

This is the character known as Sisyphus. He was destroyed by Zeus due to his inappropriate sexual behavior. His pushes a boulder up a large mountain in Hades, with the one purpose of pushing it over the top. He is never successful in doing so, as the boulder always comes crashing down on him. This punishment is highly symbolic of the crime, as the rock represents Sisyphus' s sexual desires. He hopes to overcome them, but he he is unsuccessful in doing so.

These women are known as the Danaids. There are fifty of them, and on their wedding night, all but one, murdered her husband by stabbing him in his heart. Their punishment in Hades is to obtain water from the River Styx with the hope of filling Hades' garden pond; however, their jars have holes in the bottom. They were never able to complete the mundane task of filling the pond. This is symbolic of the fact that they took the trivial and mundane away from their husbands; consequently, they are forever cursed with it.

This is Ixion. He attempted to rape Hera. Zeus had him strapped to a wheel of burning fire. This is symbolic of the fact that a rapist will continue to rape unless caught...hence the wheel. The fire on either side is symbolic of the pain the victim feels. Ixion was constantly burned, but never burned away. OUCH!

Tantalus is another sinner in Hades. He murdered his nephew, and then fed his flesh to the gods in the form of a stew. The Olympians were so appalled by Tantalus' behavior that they cemented him within Styx, being cursed with perpetual hunger and thirst. Each time he attempted to drink from Styx the water would move away from him. There are fruit trees hanging above his head, and yet each time he attempted to grab some of the fruit it, too, would move away from him. He is perpetually hungry and thirty. Can you recognize that each punishment is symbolic of its crime!

1. Please read the following myths:
"Orpheus and Eurydice" pgs. 107-10....annotate/notate 17-20 for the entire myth...all colors
"Tantalus" pgs. 248-249 .....annotate/notate 7-10 for this myth and the next myth....all colors
"Sisyphus" pgs. 312....
These myths will give you greater insight into the Greek underworld.

Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...