Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Dear Mythology Kids,

TODAY WAS NOT A GOOD DAY TO MISS! This is important....I am always so happy to work with you regarding missed class periods, but I can't assist you if you don't communicate with me PRIOR to missing class. ADVOCATE for yourself, my young friends, BEFORE you miss the class period.

What happened today in class.....CREATION MYTH, specifically the symbolism and the "truth" regarding Chaos and Order. YOU MUST COMMUNICATE with a friend that was in class. Ask them to EXPLAIN the myth to you, as obtaining the notes will not be sufficient in helping you grasp the "truth" behind the story.

The following handout was also given to each student. Please print it off, and place it in your notebook BEHIND the flow chart for the CREATION MYTH.

Name __________________________
Symbolism and the “Order from the Chaos” in the CREATION MYTH
Consider the following images regarding the Greek “Creation” myth. Each is highly symbolic and also relevant to the common motif of “Chaos creates order, and order creates chaos,” found within many of the myths. Offer insights for the symbolic meanings, and how the symbolism transfers to “chaotic order.”