Monday, September 1, 2008

The assignment that was given on Friday......

This is the assignment that was given to each student on Friday, August 29th. You should be able to copy this as a "Word" document and print it off. Each student was assigned a god, and then asked to do some research regarding that deity. I gave each student some information to assist them with their research, and then required that they also find at least one other additional source. TWO STUDENTS missed class on Friday (Cory and Tucker). You two need to stop by my room on Tuesday in order to obtain the information I gave each student concerning their god. Cory you are researching HERA, and Tucker you are researching APOLLO.

"One of Thirteen"
1. Please read the information about your god that I will give to you during class.
2. Record information from the reading assignment and your additional source that we HAVE NOT discussed in class. For example the following points should be included on your handout:
a. your god's intrinsic characteristics
b. other gods associated with your own and in what capacity
c. specific myths associated with your god and their plotline
1. Your information needs to be typed, using 12 pt. font, Times New Roman print, and once ince margins.
2. You are required to locate at least one other source besides the one given to you in class. You must include a "works cited" page listing your references. Please note the MLA citation examples listed below:
Stoddard, Harris. Mythology and You. Classical Mythology and its relevance in
Today's World, Chicago, ILL.: Allan and Bacom Publishing, 1982.
Gross, Rachel. "Dionysus: Encyclopedia Mythica." March 01, 1997. August 29,
3. You are to include at least two quotes from the source given to you in class, or from the additional source you locate, which help to illustrate points of information on your handout.
4. Please use BOLD TYPE or highlight the sections on your handout that you feel are chief in significance. This is to assist you when you share your information with the other students in class.
5. Please make TWO COPIES of your completed handout; one is for me and the other you will be using in class (print two copies from your computer).
6. Make a copy of your additional source, if you are using a text, or print a hard copy of your Interent information, and then staple this information to the handout that you will be submitting to me. I want to see your additional source.
7. Your handout may be structure in any way you choose. Just be aware that the above requirements are compulsory, and that your handout needs to be organized and easy to follow.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this assignment; I am happy to assist you! PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE ABOVE ASSIGNMENT IS DUE ON WED., SEPT. 2nd.

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