Friday, September 26, 2008

MASK MAKING DAYs were on September 23th and 25th!

MASK MAKING......... Who are these "masked" men?

We had so much fun making masks! Each student was asked to create their own god; their god will eventually become the primary character in a nature myth that they will write. The students create a physical interpretation of their god by creating a mask, which they will wear in class.

We discuss the different ways that myths are passed from person to person. Some of these include oral tradition, writing, performaning, and then through the form of art. The "Nature Myth" assignment that the students were recently given pertains to the way myths were shared through the means of writing and performing.

The following pictures are of my B4 students making their masks. I think they look wonderful, and I am so excited to see their completed projects! Thank you for carefully following instuctions!

Each of you are like HEPHAESTUS!

More to come......

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