Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What did I miss on Tuesday, September 9th?

Do you remember this statue from class today? This is the authentic statue of Artemis found in the Temple of Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. An image of the temple where the statue was housed is located below.

Hello, my fine young friends,

If you missed class on Tuesday, please visit with someone in order to obtain the information we discussed in class; we completed the light green handout that covered more extensive information regarding the gods. You will have a QUIZ on THURSDAY covering this information.
The nature of the quiz is unusual. The questions are application in nature, meaning that you will need to think on a higher level in order to correctly respond to the questions. I have included some sample questions for you below. Use these questions as a pre-test You may obtain extra-credit for the quiz on Thursday, by printing the questions as a word document, and then bringing your answers to class. We will review for the quiz by going over your answers. For each response you answer correctly, a .5 of extra-credit will be given. You will need to identify the god by both Greek and Roman names.
Some gods will be used more than once!

Name___________________ Period__________________ Extra-Credit Score_______

1. If I were mortal, I would have more money that Bill Gates. ___________/___________

2.I have quite a green thumb; every where I step flowers bloom. _________/___________

3.You could compare me to Mrs. Bush. __________/___________

4. I am a female version of Robin Hood. ___________/__________

5. There is always something fishy going on in my family. ___________/___________

6. Parker Brothers, the game developers, gained their skills from me. _________/________

7. "This is what I want for Christmas, Daddy!"

"You can have EVERYTHING on your list." ___________/_______________

8. I could rub shoulders with Bach and Beethoven. ___________/____________

9. My throne is in every home. _____________/______________

10. My favorite movie would be War of the Worlds. ____________/______________

11. The St. Louis Rams are my favorite team. ___________/________________

12. Beware the lightening bolt. ______________/________________

13. I have a wicked cool pet that needs three collars. _____________/____________

14. I could compete in the ParaOlympics. _______________/_______________

15. My daughter was tricked into eating some pomegranate seeds. _________/_________

16. I can teach men how to make sails and nets. ____________/_______________

17. I recently purchased a girdle in the lingerie department of Dilliards._________/________
We would be consider Greek Nuns:
18. _____________/______________

19. _____________/______________


I hope these questions help in giving you greater insights into the nature of the quiz that you will be given on Thursday. Remember that you can use FOUR of your thirteen flashcards. I will look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

P.S. Start thinking of the throne you would like to design for your assignment; you may select any god for your subject! I will give the complete details on Thursday. The following pictures of various artists' interpretations of certain thrones. Remember these are INTERPRETATIONS based on the artist's understanding of the god.

Throne of Olmpian Zeus

Throne of Poseidon



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