Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Greek Drama.....Your turn is quickly approaching!

Dear Mythology Students,

If you missed class on Monday, we completed the following:

1. Your Nature Myth assignment was due on Monday, so those that elected to complete the assignment submitted their rough draft and one copy of their first draft. The other copy I asked them to keep in their notebook, as we will be using it in class on Wednesday, October 15th.

2. We took a quiz covering the information that we discussed last week regarding the fundamentals of Greek drama. If you missed class, please be prepared to take this quiz upon your return. I have included some images of some ancient Greek theaters below and one well constructed model.

3. We then read a portion of "Antigone" by Sophocles.

4. Remember that you will have a quiz covering "Antigone" on Wednesday. If you missed class, then I would read the myth in your textbook. It is located on page 273. Please be familiar with the characters of Antigone, Ismene, Polyneices, Etocles, Creon and Jocasta. In addition, you need to bring a FLAT BED SHEET to class on Wednesday. It can have any pattern on it, and it can be a full, queen or king size sheet. Please have one on Wednesday.


I look forward to seeing you soon!

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