Thursday, October 9, 2008


Hello, Mythology Students

If you missed class on Thursday, October 9th, let me enlighten you regarding what we accomplished.

1. We reviewed the Greek myth of "Oedipus," and then each student took their quiz on this myth.

2. We completed our introduction to Greek Drama. Please make sure you obtain this missed information from someone that was in class, as you will have a quiz over this information on Monday.

3. As part of your homework, I asked you to read the myth of "Antigone," which is the companion play to "Oedipus." I gave everyone a copy of the myth, but if you missed class, then please read the version that is in your textbook. It is located on page 273. "Antigione" is the myth of Oedipus' daughter, by the same name, who takes care of her father upon his banishment from Thebes. When Oedipus dies, she returns to Thebes to find her two brothers battling for the throne. They go to war, killing each other in the process. One of the brothers is considered a hero and therefore given a proper burial, while the other is recognized as a traitor, and his body is left to rot in the street. If anyone attempts to bury the body, that individual will be sentenced to death. Antigone believes this law to be unjust and she openly defies it by tending to the body of her dead brother. She is found guilty and sentenced to death.

I have included some images of this myth in order to give you some schema prior to reading it.

Remember that your Nature Myth is due on Monday, October 13th. You must include a signed copy of the rough draft along with two clean copies of your first draft. I look forward to reading your myth.

Enjoy your weekend!



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