Sunday, October 5, 2008

We developed the creative talents of Hephaestus this week.

Dear Mythology Kids,

Here are some images of the mask making endeavors of several students. I have also included pictures of some of the thrones. I thoroughly enjoyed observing the design process of the masks, and the interviews we have had regarding your thrones. Hephaestus would be so proud of you!

1. Your Nature Myth is due on October 9th!

2. You must have a corrected copy of your rough draft.

3. That corrected copy should have a signature on it of the individual that
gave you feedback!

4. Remember to print TWO copies of your corrected rough draft to
submit to me on Thursday, October 9th.

I love this picture of Josh! He designed a throne for Poseidon! This was an ideal choice for him, as he possesses "Poseidon's smile"......RADIANT!

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