Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We continued with the Norse Creation and then we moved on to Yggdrasil

Dear Mythology Kids,
Please review my last post, as it discusses aspects that we reviewed today regarding Yggdrasil. If you missed class, we completed the following:

. Journal #11 "Review Quiz for Introductory Information about Norse Mythology"
1. Why are the Norse myths so morose?
2. Why is Snori Stulluson so important to you as a student studying mythology?
3. What does the term Edda mean?
4. Why are there allusions to Greek Mythology and Christianity within Norse Mythology?
5. Explain why a Viking is a Norseman, but not all Norsemen are Vikings?
6. How do we know that the Vikings reached the Black Sea? Please include an example form our class discussion and one from your textbook.
7. Identify one interesting aspect that you annotated for your homework assignment for today.
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We then proceeded to complete the Norse Creation myth and we moved on to Yggdrasil.

1. Please read the "cosmology" section in your book (pgs. xx-xxv)
2. Plan on a quiz covering the information on Friday.
3. Please make flashcards for the 12 characters concerning the Creation Myth (note Niflheim to Yggdrasil on your flashcard sheet).
4. Bacchus Bash is TUESDAY....remember your card and food assignment!


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