Friday, March 25, 2011

We took the Norse Creation Quiz today in class!

Dear Mythology Kids,
I hope you have a wonderful weekend! If you missed class on Friday, we completed the following:

1. We took the quiz covering "the creation" and then corrected it!
2. We then proceeded to complete all the sections associated with Yggdrasil. We started on this last time in class. Please start reviewing Yggdrasil, as you will have a quiz over the World Ash Tree on Thrusday.

 1. BACCHUS BASH is on TUESDAY, March 28th! Please come prepared with your b-day card and your food assignment.
2. Quiz covering Yggdrasil will occur on Thursday, March 31st!
3. Please read "The First Humans" for Thursday. This myth is located at the back of your packet.
4. Please read "The Creation" located in your book on pages. 3-6!


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